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  1. Obs was an amazing leader, his voice carried authority and leadership. His calls were always on point. Rest in peace.
  2. troop


    Carey Price beat a record franchise last night with his 43rd win of the season. Vezina for him and also a strong Hart contender. Habs for the cup.
  3. If you have a good sound card, I would recommend Siberia V2's with 3.5mm connector. Most good sound cards have built-in headphone amp allowing for good sound performance from your headset. Very light, good overall sound quality for a headset, great bass and 50mm drivers.
  4. Im pretty high up since I pledged during the last 48 hours.
  5. Fellow druid here. Still tempted towards stalker/ranger too... we'll see during alpha.
  6. I haven't pledged yet because I'm full-time student. Running low on resources at the moment. Will pledge for gold patron as soon as possible.
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