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  1. Regarding the OP's original comment. Being worried about people not playing a game because some other people have been playing before them is kind of nuts? That's like suggesting people won't start playing an MMO a week or two after it's launch, because they're worried people might be ahead of them. Progression is far more horizontal in this game that it is in BDO, for example. I feel like you've been sitting in your guild's echo chamber too much, which is easy for all of us to do.
  2. All true. After 6 months, in my eyes, those that exploited/had beta knowledge where so much stronger than those that didn't - it just created a massive power gap. Also, New Dawn will be fine for about 2 months. Then the pop will die off, and it will die once more. Just like Darkfall Online, just like Unholy Wars, just like RoA.
  3. Darkfall was great back in 09 for about 6 months. Genuinely one of the best gaming experiences of my life. However, that game is broken to the core and there aren't enough people who are going to play it.
  4. As someone who works as a Journalist full time, I wouldn't pay too much attention to anything you read on MMORPG.com They don't pay their writers, and it's the same in Journalism as it is with every other industry in the world - you get what you pay for. No disrespect to the writers or people who run the site, they're doing the best they can with no editorial budget - but every article I've seen written about Crowfall is designed to start an argument in the comments.
  5. The only way someone can believe Crowfall is strongly P2W is because they're a moron. It's a shame those people have enough sway to prevent your guild coming here.
  6. Well if they want to try and make their case with a Youtube video that's factually inaccurate then, well, God bless. Seems like they just want to call it P2W without any real evidence, and that's when you just remove yourself from the conversation - as they're not looking at having a discussion based around facts. Besides, considering your guild is in BDO which has a disgusting P2W element - I'm surprised at their reluctance.
  7. I'm with you, and I agree. I also think they have a right to be skeptical, but it's innocent untill proven guilty - plus the pedigree of these developers isn't something you see very often. The issue is that the members of the OP's guild seem to have something against the subscription model giving benefits. it basically means they haven't read up about how the game works, and are calling it P2W because of whatever reason. But it's easier to jump up and down and hoot "LUL P2W" than it is do some reading, I suppose.
  8. I really don't understand the problem with spending 8-15 bucks a month on an MMO as a subscription. Assuming the MMO doesn't have a cash shop with P2W items in it, and you can't buy power with money - I'm perfectly okay with the subs having advantages over the free players. You pay 8-15 bucks a month (which is what all the good MMO's required before the monetisztion practices industry turned into the disgusting mess it is today) and you get a team working on the game constantly, adding content, balancing, fixing issues. Can someone explain what exactly the problem with that is?
  9. Yeah, I'm with you. I think it's natural to some extent, and compared to other communities I actually think we're pretty tame. Considering most of us have backed this and put money into it, seeing people come around and complain there is no PVE, or that it should be more like WoW, or that it's P2W gets old fairly quickly.
  10. I appreciate that you're trying to be level headed and help people, but the guy who wrote the OP has zero intention of doing any reading or helping themselves at all. if they took half the time it took write that post and used to to do some research about the game instead, then he would be less angry at life in general and we wouldn't have lost brain cells reading it. But he didn't. He'd rather do no research, spend money on something, and then write a unconstructive post complaining about it because it isn't what he thought it would be? You can fix the problems in his post, but you can't fix his broken thought process that lead him to write it. You don't coddle these people. They're not willing to fix their own problems so why should we bother to help. P.S Not entirely convinced it's not a troll. The lines are blurred these days.
  11. We all had fun watching you make a fool out of yourself, don't worry.
  12. They almost certainly will, but it won't matter honestly. If Crowfall is a good game, it almost doesn't matter when it launches. People will play "Warlords of the return of the Azerothian Tribe 2: Electric Boogaloo" or whatever the new one is called, and get bored in 2 months like every other wow expansion since WotLK. If the game is good and can hold players. People will play it, keep playing it and tell their friends about it. It will grow as WoW's subs fall.
  13. This is honestly what I'm afraid of. 'Soft launching' is dangerous, because no one in the wider majority cares about the 'official launch' after that. The moment you call something a launch and let people buy the game for the box price, it's been launched - it doesn't matter what you call it. If it's a broken mess, no one cares about the small print of a 'soft launch', or your promises that the 'full launch' will be better. Having said all that, I do actually have faith in ACE to get it right. I'm just a bit worried about the idea of a soft launch in general. If the game is fun, and has enough for people to do - then launch it. If it doesn't, then don't. This strange middle ground of a 'soft launch' is odd to me. However, I'm holding out faith, and I'm willing/hoping to have my fears calmed.
  14. My point was to the above. He seems to think crafting won't be a central part of the game, which we know is nonsense. He also seems to think you should have to sacrifice your pvp ability to be able to craft. Which as I mentioned, is a terrible idea. If you'd like me to go into why it's a terrible idea, I can do that - but I think it's obvious, at least to my mind. That is all.
  15. Creating a system where you have to completely sacrifice your ability to pvp to level up crafting, is a terrible idea. Particularly in a pvp game. There are not enough people who JUST want to craft, and for those that do - you can still craft full time and be unique.
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