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  1. The Revenant is Recruiting! To Death We Defend - From the Ashes We Ascend The Revenant is a Community focused guild! Crowfall requires a great deal of teamwork to be successful, and we push teamwork and unity within our guild. Above all, we want to play the game and enjoy it! Even though we are community focused, we are still very active and competitive! We play primarily on the NA servers on the Chaos faction, but do have some EU players as well. We have players of all types ranging from casual to hardcore. We welcome any and all play styles! We are very active in both PvP and crafting and have some very seasoned players who are extremely knowledgeable about the game. We will not force you to be on at certain times / play certain races or classes. We want everyone to enjoy the game how they want to enjoy it. We do have several streamers / content creators within our guild so if that's an issue for you then the Revenant probably isn't a very good fit. If you don't mind content creators and enjoy having a good time with a great group of people then this is the place for you! https://crowfall.com/en-US/guild Simply search for the Revenant and hit the request to join button!
  2. Was a lot of fun! The clown car out of that house was awesome. It cracked me up. Good times guys.
  3. I suggest a campaign that has some sort a lattice system for sieges vs. the current siege timer mechanics. I think a lattice system would provide for much more consistent pvp without people cramming the zones waiting for the siege to begin every night. At any time someone could log in and jump straight into the fight vs being forced to log in at a specific time just to experience the large scale pvp the game has to offer.
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