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  1. I like that idea, like if there are someone that is in dire need of a spesific type of material or rare to craft that sweet weapon upgrade they want. to sell someone and ask for something with same value, doesnt matter quantity, since more of something can be worth the same amount of 1 thing depends on what people seek. so im in on that one ! When we are on the topic of payment option and methods, are there going to be a monthly playment for the game like WoW and such ? Some friends of mine wanted to know that before they want to try and commit to this idea of Crowfall.
  2. I havent seen a mmo were you can run shops by yourself before, so this is kinda new for me if ths comes into the game Excited !
  3. Heya Everyone. im not really good with first impressions, and my english might be broken sometimes since in not fluent with it.. But i guess that won't be much of a problem would it ? As i have seen others write, im also not the big guy when it comes to forums. But eventually we'll all get along i suppose. Really hyped about this mmo. it's not blending in with all the other mmo's i have played before... So for me its a unique expirience to be a part of this ! Happy to be here !
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