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  1. During the Hunger Dome, "general skills" and "archetype skills" could be separated. This might indicate that you can reincarnate in a different campaign (or maybe the same) as a different archetype but keep your "general" skills like crafting or whatever when you reset your archetype and its accompanying skills. The comic basically suggests the crow soul remains the same while the superficial archetype trappings can change.
  2. When the penguin archetype uses the dash power it slides on its stomach out of harm's way
  3. This was pretty good Rajah. Got me thinking that if a centaur's four legs are good, then a centipede archetype would be fantastic! Maybe a snake archetype that can't use melee weapons or wear armor but is great at stealth? I think instead of a female minotaur, a really great addition for a female counterpart to the mino archetype would be a hippopotamus. They naturally have much more feminine curves than a minotaur.
  4. Make a personal EK an opt-in thing. A personal EK for every single player just seems excessive, wasteful and a potential diversion from the actual gameplay.
  5. Campaign Concept: Hunger's Edge You could leverage both your hunger and voxel technology features within a campaign world to make the world more dynamic for players and stave off stagnancy. Instead of the hunger affecting the entire campaign world simultaneously, certain geographical areas contain seeds or landfalls for the hunger. If not dealt with then these seeds spread geographically and intensify (i.e. the closer you get to the epicenter of this hunger spread the later in the seasonal cycle the area is). This would create a microcosm of the hunger heirarchy universe within a single ca
  6. Hermit in-game and hermit in real life. This dude is so committed to this playstyle that he lives on a sparsely populated island just outside a city that can not afford to maintain a police force, basically the Bay Area Dregs. The soil where them rappers be getting they lingo from.
  7. Regarding Hunger: I speculate that this is a mechanic that hinders a race or possibly a guild faction from spending too much time in hostile territory. This is likely going to go along well with the multiple server worlds that one can travel between. The centaur Gaius mentions "Hunger" as the sole reason for not conquering human lands. This suggests that leaving centaur lands to conquer other lands brings on some negative effect. In terms of gameplay, this would be a significant and softer departure from "safe zones" or "faction areas" that are completely safe to players that don't wan
  8. I love the ramping up of details in general, even moreso in regards to Crowfall!
  9. This is an example of what a fealty tree could look like and not what all will look like. For example, a small one could just possibly have two tiers and like four people while a more developed one could have seven tiers and like ~30 characters. I don't think the structure of the chart is static, it seems more like something that could be dynamic as people join or leave. I feel like you have a different idea bout that.
  10. Seems like a decent meta-speculation that info releases are more-or-less following a schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays
  11. ascetic - characterized by or suggesting the practice of severe self-discipline and abstention from all forms of indulgence, typically for religious reasons. aesthetic - concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.
  12. Man my responses are so exceptional compared to the rest of this thread.
  13. I think you could make an argument for the center crests being a basis for the day and night aspects of themselves on the left and right branches just below themselves. It also goes along with the knowledge of good and evil branching from the tree theme as well. For example: The base of the tree might represent "base" natures, namely desire. Desire and wealth go together, so rodent races could be representative of those seeking wealth. Little badger dudes are like the neutral bankers of the world. I feel like underground rodent dudes are themed as being rich with vaults underground in fict
  14. Combining the crest tree and the background art on the entire site suggests that a major theme of this game will be a struggle between the forces of day and night. Crows come in as a carrion feeder neutral to the struggle, suggesting large battles that leave a lot of dead on the battleground like the title of "A Feast for Crows." The names on the crests are strongly reminiscent of Norse mythology as well. In Norse mythology, day and night were actually personified as gods. It seems to me these crests are representative of a sort of pantheon in the game world. Rather than being factional, c
  15. I will go ahead and officially confirm that it dose [sic] mean that, yes.
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