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  1. @Anthrage, thats pretty interesting/funny. that would definitely be a problem. didnt know there was already some testing done on this system. @moneda,i kinda figured we could choose to align ourselves or not. like balance could be fighting balance by joinin the opposing groups. i could see that being exploited unfairly though. i didnt know there was a mechanic "faction shift"
  2. hi, i was curious bout the balance faction. i was kind of thinking it would be like a swing faction to help restore balance among the order and chaos. like if order are dominating, balance could party up with chaos for a bit to bring things back under balance. then join up with order if chaos starts getting out of hand. the bar at the top to show who's in control led me to think this. i like that if thats the plan, if its gonna be a straight 3 factions thats fine as well. if the latter is the case, can we get a triangle to demonstrate better where the power lies?
  3. but only if he shoots bees out of his mouth
  4. ah, i really enjoyed rift but didn't play archage. my cousin got into it, ill have to ask him about it. i like the idea of caravans, would encourage groups forming to get some loot around the map. age of wushu had escorts you could run from city to city, or as a bandit, you could attack caravans. much different game and no mounts, but the idea of a player or group becoming a moving point of interest is there. perhaps as with the profession type skills, we could have leadership talents for pullin the cart faster/prevent snares*harvesting*, increase dmg/hp buffs while defending or attacking a cart*soldiers* and the crafters would get some recipes or something. can even add a pve element to it by having random mobs spawn, to make running from point A to point B doesnt get too boring:) hell, you could even have a crafting skill set for horses:) got shoes, saddles, bridles, bits and all that good stuff:) then theres training the horses of courses the map feels good atm. on foot i can get around pretty quickly with the harvester buff or whatever and being an elf. i dont know if the run speed is for testing or if its the roughly what we are gonna get. i think mounts might make the map feel kinda small. not that it doesn't take a few mins to get around, but i can respond pretty quickly to calls for defense or offense*which im sure is intended*. if the mounts are substantially faster, then traversing the map will take very lil time and make the world seem small. and i realize this is a test map so the final maps we get are gonna be much different.
  5. i always hated being mounted and chasing a player down, use a skill that may miss and get dismounted as well as being put in a combat state which means no mounting for a few secs. /waves goodbye to possible target. if there was a way to get a couple of shots off to ensure atleast a snare before bringing it down to foot speed. could see some interesting uses in group settings as well, worg riders for the flank:)
  6. hi, ive had this idea for a long time now. i played warcraft 1-3 when they came out...so when world of warcraft hit, i was stoked to play a night elf archer. the thing i remember about those archers was the fact that they are mounted. i hoped blizz would implement something along those lines but they never did. im not talkin full mounted combat, a ranged class on a mount would be very OP, but im thinking sort of like stealth skills. get 1-2 shots to damage or snare from a mount and dismount after being used, then possibly have a retreat style skill to mount quickly in combat. this doesnt just have to be a ranged thing either. melee could have a shout*buff* or charge from mount. there are several groups of mounted warriors historically so i figured there might be a way to work it in on knights/rangers/clerics*if yer goin for that paladin or hospitaler feel*. just an idea i have had for AWHILE now and figured you guys might be able to do something with it. totally not offended if it gets laughed off the boards:) yer friendly neighborhood druid
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