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  1. Sorry if there was a earlier topic on this but are there plans to implement the stoneborn race? Dwarves are sick and I love playing as them (Darkfall). Any information provided would be greatly appreciated!
  2. The way to look at it is to take it with a grain of salt. It's not a finished product it's only being tested. My advice to you would be to either guild up or play another game for the time being. Maybe jump in to check out the updates then game on elsewhere for now. Alot of issues will be ironed out in due time. This will be a fantastic mmo I'm sure of it, but best not to set your standards too high right now with the economy and overall mechanics.
  3. I love mmos and gaming, but I'm a huge fan in being able to train while offline. People that have families and children can't sit in front of our computers all day and grind. It's just not feasible. Of course the player who devotes more time will show distinctly throughout pvp and overall game mechanics. I think crowfall is doing it right. I come from mortal online where it's fairly easy to level up your basic skills, but the pvp was ruthless and it showed when you were inactive for quite some time. Crowfall somewhat reminds me of that pvp system, however it seems pvp will come down to a heavy reliance on well crafted gear in crowfall. I can't wait to see the further updates the devs will provide us with.
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