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  1. Of course. By a basis for game design, I meant strictly arguments devolving into what is or is not realistic and nothing else.
  2. I just wanted to chime in an say a few key points: 1. "Risk vs reward" is not a good argument for a mechanic. Not every single thing in the game needs to be risk vs. reward, and this factor doesn't necessarily mean something is improved. 2. "Like real life" is a bad basis for game mechanics as well. Sure, lots of things reference real life in games, to make them more familiar. That does not mean things have to mimic real life. Although I will say if my fantasy badass video game character is way less capable physically than me, a guy sitting in a chair most of his day, that's kind of lame. I can run full speed whether something is in my hand or on my back, and in a fight if someone was running and I wanted to give chase, I'd put everything I had into catching up. 3. As someone fairly new to the game, the switch between trays feels clunky. It has no flow to it. It doesn't matter what your gameplay hook excuse is, if it feels clunky, it also feels cheap and is unattractive to players, especially new ones. I don't have enough experience in the game itself to give more detailed points than that, but some of these arguments aren't really arguments at all so much as arbitrary contrarianism.
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