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  1. Hey Fish, as you know I am a streamer for crowfall I also have been stream sniped but not to bothered by it due to the fact that I have advanced gear and when I am streaming it is to bring pvp. I do all my harvesting for ores ect off stream and mostly pvp on stream. Though I do understand the side from where your coming from, you are trying to show off the game to get new players to come and take a look. I think there is a lot of interest into the game but maybe due to the low amount of videos on youtube people are just waiting to see what happens. You are trying to show players what to do when they start off on crowfall, which is quiet difficult to begin as soon as you leave the beach head. This game is all about playing in groups/guilds its very difficult to play as a solo player, that why I tend to play classes that can stealth easily if I get attacked. I have some plans to counter stream snipers in the future (soft Launch as I don't want them to know about it till then)
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