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  1. Bet every plane that crashes now and then is tested at some point...Anyway, your point doesn't make sense. Just because something worked in the past, doesn't mean it has to work forever. Stuff changed, features were probably added, more players testing PvP aspects... It's a weird mechanic and since it's a pvp focused game it's a core mechanic which should be improved / changed.
  2. It get's a bit harder if you really compare it to how it should work in the world itself instead of just balancing it out for the sake of the combat. But okay, we want to stay realistic, then that makes sense if you're talking about a big hammer or a really big sword. Then again, as a minotaur i should have less trouble running fast with such a weapon in my hand than a half-elf. On the other hand it shouldn't matter if you're carrying a bow, daggers, a short sword etc. If you say there should be a general movement speed debuff depending on the gear you wear, true. I would like to see that. But still the impact shouldn't be so huge just because you have your weapon in your hand. So still with your argument, i don't see how it makes sense. Instead give the survival tree some escape / mobility moves with a certain cooldown. In the end i want to see a buffed survivial tray (and not with a permanent speed buff), and not a punished combat tray in regards to movement and mobility in general. And there's another thing. Your combat tray, at least mine is full. I always run with expansive mind, but still, no slots for bandages / heal potions etc.which should also be usable in combat. Slotting a mobility skill like charge means i have to consider this as well if i only want to use it to chase people for example. The hook of the knight is another example, which only makes sense if you want to close the gap between a fleeing target and yourself, but it's useless since the cons while trying to chase in combat mode are just way too high. (Not saying that i don't like the hook, it's still pretty useful in group combat) To sum it up, i have no problems getting away or chasing down a fleeing player as a knight currently. My options are huge especially thanks to arcane archer. But i just don't see why i have to include the out of combat mode in this type of situations, because i'm not out of combat...
  3. The problem is not that running away is an issue, the problem is that you have to switch stances to catch up which doesn't make sense and feels clunky. If you have mobility as a fighter for example, you can charge but you have to switch stances to keep up while casually running? (charge --> OOC is so demotivating because of the huge delay after the charge) How does that make sense. A fighter who is trained in str / dex / con should be able to keep up with someone who doesn't, no matter if you have a weapon in your hand or not. You're not faster because you have your shield on the back instead carrying it in your hand. Basically the way sprint currently drains stamina it should give the same speed as OOC with any movement passive. Let there be no stamina regen in fight an we're all good.
  4. What's weird because it's called survival tree Anyway, at the moment combat feels very clunky, so i really don't want to see increased movement speed which would make it worse. But sprint is totally useless and the difference between the two stances are a bit too huge. Especiall with the movement speed passives some races have. Nearly forces you to take arcane archer.
  5. Like if i cut off the head of a mage and wear it as a hat i get an int bonus. That would be really awesome.
  6. Well i think if the whole interface wouldn't feel so clunky, it wouldn't be an issue. If the radius / target box was larger for the "f" action and if there was a "Take all" key it would make a significant difference. At the moment it does feel laggy, clunky etc. That's true.
  7. Makes no sense to me, no offense. While mining / chopping trees etc. you already do a certain action (clicking...) which makes stuff break into smaller pieces for you to pick up. So you have "action" (click on the node) -> "reward". Killing a mob itself gives combat experience (action -> reward). Additionally it just gives you the possibilty for reward (you still have to search the body (F) (action) and take what's valuable (Click...) (reward)). Then you can harvest the body like it would be any other kind of resource (use a knife on it (action) -> get stuff that pops out like you want it to (reward). So amount of actions compared to the way you get / collect the reward seems quite balanced. I don't see why gold should mystically jump in the air from a boar (don't know why they have any in the first place..). But if clicking breaks your immersion, ...
  8. Ah okay, true. I wouldn't like these restrictions as well. Passive skills should support your gear, but not gate them. I don't want to be forced to unlock skills to wear specific equip, but i still would like to see some sort of "the more you use this, the better you get with it"-kind of feature.
  9. The one doesn't necessarily block the other. A reward for the top 5 who gathered the most, the top 5 killer of a campaign etc. could be a motivating feature for example.
  10. That discussion is basically the same as in the Passive Leveling Thread. Only here people seem to be afraid about the first month experience, while in the other thread i kinda get devastated by saying this out loud. BUT they confirmed that they speed up training the basics so i don't see the issue anymore.
  11. If i compare it to other sandbox mmos, i don't see a specific reason to complain. I don't think that there's something wrong with the core concepts and i don't care for pvp balance issues yet, they will improve anyway. (otherwise it would be a killer for the game of course..) Amount of time investment in regards of accomplishing sth in game (harvesting, crafting, killing) is absolutely okay for me. Skinning is a bit awkward though, that should be fastened by like 500%. Gear should definitely not be faster to get in terms of ressources. Harvesting basically like in every other game. Needs to be done, it's okay, i like the little things like the crits and group harvesting. It shows me that they want to make it special and i think there will be more of stuff like this. Even if it weren't, this wouldn't be a con for me. Combat feels okayish, definitely not bad, nothing special though. Haven't done enough pvp yet to see the learning curve though, there's basically non. Something that could be worked on. I think more variation like with combo / chains could be helpful. I love , really love the crafting. I was stunned by the simple fact that even the most basic parts of your armor already impact the outcome of the whole. Still don't know how endgame feels like, but still i would say that i see it as one of the most promising games in this niche since...the good ol times. But well, tbh there weren't many that even had a chance.
  12. You shouldn't ignore me just because of one "stfu"-reaction when i got triggered yesterday in the heat of the discussion (which i already stated wasn't worth the confrontations). Actually took my time to even message you about that, found out that i can't when you ignore me. That took 30 minutes of my life. As i said, i get that, i will be happy if the game supports this kind of playstyle. I still want to be viable solo though (im sure that i will be) but the real targets of the game should only be accomplished in a group, sure. And if you can carry the weak, even better. But the whole discussion was mainly about "edge cases". Should people who constantly use the passive way of gaming (why the hell you ever want that) have the same chance for a "rewarding gaming experience" than those who give blood and tears for this game? I still say no. But as you guys already said, this is more of a question of guild policy and specific reasons why and who you would support in your guild.
  13. I don't like where this is going
  14. But that's not really an advantage, cause you could just create another account for that. The moment you use your second account more than 3 months it gets cheaper for you that way. For example you could use that 2nd account exactly for this, just making skill tomes for your first account. But okay, i probably wouldn't do that because of the convenience part. Or...mhhh now that im thinking about it, this is maybe the way i will go with it in the first months at least. One VIP account and a 2nd non-vip which just makes Skill Tomes for my first one in the one tree (explo for example) which i can't cover and support the other trees. Arrrrgh, i dont like that, but i think i would do it.
  15. Mooooment. I didn't (and still don't) see in the description that only VIPs can create Skill Tomes. Only that the maximum of the time bank is increased. Maybe i have to watch the whole video then to be sure or you can again correct me. The convenience to have it in one account and the increased time bank (which i personally dont care about) seem to be the advantages currently? Sorry if i still don't get it right. If it's like this, still no big deal though, i would stay pick the VIP way..or..two..
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