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  1. Our Goal We are a community-focused guild oriented around Mercenary work within the World of Crowfall. All are welcome within the Guild, ranging from Combatants and Scouts, to Gatherers and Crafters, with a focus on helping players to build themselves up, and make a niche for themselves. New players are welcome, and even encouraged to join, the earlier the better, as joining earlier means having an easier time working toward your desired specialty. On that note, we're also seeking players with a similar mentality, looking to mentor newer players and get them the start that they need. The Crimson Tusks will be openly interacting with other guilds & players, providing protection, supplies, and extra muscle to those that need them. This will include establishing contracts between guilds for ongoing support. Such arrangements may even expand into participating in conjunction with other guilds for Community Events. While the game is still in Pre-Alpha, we're looking to get a head start and bolster our numbers with enthusiastic glory-seekers, and mentors alike. If this interests you, please feel free to leave your information below, or contact me directly on Discord at Occipital Leech#6812 We do have our own Discord Server for coordination and communication. What We Expect Recruits are expected to fill the following requirements when joining the Crimson Tusks Activity - Players are expected to be active either in the Discord or in-game. Failing to be active within the community or game for over a month will result in temporary termination, barring incidents with prior notice. Mentorship - There are plenty of new players to Crowfall, and there surely will be many more. We need people who are willing to help these new players when they come for guidance or assistance. Diplomacy - A large factor of this Guild, and this game, relies upon Community. You don't necessarily have to like everyone, or agree with everyone, but we expect you to be able to maintain face such as to not alienate others, or at the very least, we expect you to be able remove yourself from a situation which may compromise your composure. Discord - We communicate primarily through Discord, and so it will be a requirement that you have and utilize the service. Signing Up If you're interested in joining the guild, please submit the following below: Name: The name that you use in-game Time Zone/Availability: We want to know when you're usually around and active Your Desired Specialty: This gives us an idea of how to assist you in your intended trade.
  2. I managed to resolve the issue by using the Launcher's "Repair" function.
  3. I boot up the game, and the first thing I notice is that the menu itself is horribly slow. When I try to play, I get stuck at a slideshow framerate, getting only 10 FPS on the lowest possible settings(Including setting the resolution low enough to have no idea what's going on.) I'm using a RoG PC, with 16GB RAM, Intel i7-7700HQ Processor, and a GTX 1050 Ti graphics card.
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