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  1. Been a long time since I've posted here. I see release has finally come and I'm wondering what happened to the system of selling rewarded game assets? I remember there was a way that game reward assets could be sold through a 3rd party service. This goes WAAAAYYYYYYY back so I don't know if that plan was scrapped or if it's still happening. Does anyone know? I bought two backer packages (Seven years ago) and one was for my son who in 7 years is now going to university and has no interest in playing this game any more. Can I sell his account? Can I sell the assets from the bundle? Or do I just get to feel good about supporting the games development?
  2. I have the amber kickstarter package but no option to start a guild shows up anywhere. Only to join other guilds. There's no option to redeem reward for it either. Any idea what might be wrong? Never mind, I sold it for $80 store credit back when they were doing that....
  3. I'd just like to say that I feel the character model is too humanoid in the limbs. I feel that an elkens limbs should be lean and slim not muscular and thick. My son was also thrown by the look although his dislikes had something to do with the face as well as the limbs. It is simply my opinion and I wanted to express it.
  4. This is true, but the point to the system is that players can train as many characters at one time as they can pay for but they are not easily going to be able to harvest the best wood, leather and ore and craft the best bows and plate armor without sacrificing all (not ALL but a lot! I've spent a lot of time chopping trees to get what's needed) their combat play time. You're going to be better off knowing someone who get's lots of great Heartwood and another person who's getting great gems than trying to do that yourself AND still have time to fight? srathor makes a good point about how early skills should train fast so that everyone can do basics in quick order but they should scale up fast once you get past the basics to keep this dependency mechanism viable. So back to "alts as banks", I guess a mule is a thing but is it a problem? The case described uses them as long term storage and I think building storage in forts etc. will outweigh that benefit provided their size makes an alt feel like a 6 slot bag. In the short term, storage for crafters and such may benefit from alt stockpiles until they have built up needed defenses and storage facilities. I don't like the inventory decay idea because it hurts more casual (weekenders) players, but banks are a sure thing.
  5. Thanks guys! Very helpful. Don't know why I couldn't find these searching here on the site or in the wiki sites. Video says 80% but I coulda swore I was taking damage around 60%
  6. Now that I'm back to testing Crowfall I chose to start with the Druid but I was focused on looking into crafting and harvesting until now. And on my first look at the skill set and dual trays I figured I'd try out some of the moves and see what they all looked like. To my surprise I started taking damage in my non-PVP EK and looked to see what could be doing this. Essence burn is a thing, but I didn't know anything about that yet so I figured I better heal myself before I die from this essence burn, which as I'm sure you all know only amplified the problem and I was dead before I could figure out what exactly was going on. No big deal except I had just unloaded a pile of stuff from my spirit bank and I was killing time testing out moves while the cooldowns to use the stuff were up. Again, no big deal if I had known I could rez at the temple instead of choosing a new avatar/vessel. Ok, one lesson learned but now I've been looking in this forum and in the media for anything that explains the Druid mechanic and haven't found anything, so I figure a starters guide to the Druid and it's mechanics is needed. Anyone who feels like they've got druids down and would like to share some of their wisdom is welcome to please add it here but I'd first like someone to please explain the essence burn deal. I had my essence up to about half the bar and I died in seconds from the burn, is this normal? I thought you needed to build up essence to use more powerful damaging moves... Please educate me.
  7. Holy CR*P! I just got a feeling I haven't had in years! I'm very excited about this game again! Well done.
  8. I've been waiting a long time for this. Looks exactly like what I wished for! Now hurry up and let me test it all out My only concern is the potential for small guild crafters being gated by not having access to materials that big guilds hoard. I'm hoping the information on guilds and "Sub-Guilds" may include some good news for small guilds in general pertaining to the cooperation of multiple small guilds.
  9. I multibox and put one family member in front of each one, I don't get the concern.... And I'm totally selling things for cash too! And for in game currency, I don't discriminate
  10. I know devs never give credit to individuals who make suggestions that get taken and implemented, but I'm sooooo glad to see they took this and did at least part of it. Great job Billy Garretsen! I would still like to see something in the icon that indicates the method of implementation (IE. press and hold to charge and combo moves)
  11. So can they cast "STAKE" while concealed since it's not an attack? Yes, you can, I already do.
  12. Very happy to see that you guys don't limit your ideas based on available tech. If you wan't to do something you make the tech that allows you to do it instead of saying "Can't be done with what we have". Thats the attitude I hoped to see! I noticed that the skill icons in the tray have changed a bit and appear to be colour coded. Before I go trying to categorize them based on what you've shown, do you have a definition table for the colour coding? I suggested a while back that skill types should be easily identifiable by a illustrated border around the skill icon so it would be easy to identify a "press and hold" charge up type move or "combo" triggering moves from other types. Is this the start of an implementation of something like this?
  13. Yeah, I actually had a really good time playing this during the sneak peek. I wasn't sure if I'd like it due to the turn based system but I found myself playing for hours and having fun.
  14. The "totally unnecessary" part I disagree with. Simply put, getting a charge ability that is not tied to your stamina is a perk that is worthwhile to me. As a knight I like to keep as much stamina for using my shield as possible. We all use sprint in combination with moves already, so what you suggest is no change at all except removing the charge part of the charge move. I can't say I agree with that.... There's lots of room for lots of moves including those that have synergy as you suggest without "wasting space with more keys" as you put it. You're correct that I should have suggested forwarding the current version of this move to the Ranger rather than the Assassin, and chancellor pointed out that the assassin should jump up and over body blocks instead of slinking through them AC style which I also agreed with up there. You confuse me with this part though: "Features designed around single player gameplay lack the counterplay appropriate for PvP.". I'm not sure what feature you're suggesting is designed around single player gameplay. (AC is after all not just a single player game) but I hear it as "a move that counters body blocking lacks the counterplay appropriate for PvP". Which translates to "it ain't not at all not gonna be good for things that it ain't not bad for" in my head... Like I said, it confuses me, countermoves lack counterplay? I get the feeling that you want the body block to be insurmountable and that other strategies to counter this (Single strategy) don't belong. physics and obstruction are key strategic features which aid tactical play. And evasion, escape, teleport etc are not tactical play? I'm with you, a knight is a blocker and I understand the fun in using this strategy for tactical play.... But if the only way to get around body block is to... Well I don't even know what you suggest would be acceptable, but it's starting to sound like boring gameplay to me. Thanks for sharing your opinion. I for one do not agree with it on these points though. You either mean that by combining moves to effectively create moves on the fly that have different effects depending on the combination OR you mean that the effect of using different moves together or in macroed combination is like having more moves without making a button for each possible combination. Either way... Yes. And on that note it would be VERY cool if moves had differing outcomes depending on combinations like if you're sprinting or a stance you're in, buuuut, not the topic at hand. Have you proposed this idea in another thread? I hear ya, I didn't actually mean to give this to the assassin, only meant to illustrate that as this move is now it FEELS much more like a move that should belong to the assassin (Which I have been corrected about, and it should be Ranger instead). I agree with your suggested changes as an option as well, but I still don't want to be pushing people around with it, I want and IMPACT on first full collision.
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