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  1. I believe the stonemasonry station is on the general crafting station with training
  2. The way they have it set up I guess the developers only want us to be able to train one line in each main tree at a time.
  3. Mini maps seem cool; however, it is fun to have to start to remember where your favorite nodes are and the route you have to take....
  4. I know I am excited for stoneborn...
  5. when you open up your inventory pn the parcel you are standing on there are little icons with numbers next to them. That shows how many of each size building you can put on that parcel. xs s m l xl are the sizes. when you look at the building you will see it described with what sze it is...for example the shire parcel can hold one fort and one cottage and 3 crafting tables based on how many tokens that parcel allows...if your trying to place a fort on say a hilltop grove you wont have the tokens needed on that parcel for that size...I hope that helps...
  6. Its a great opportunity to learn and make mistakes before it goes live and you then you will know your path well.
  7. Welcome aboard...I hope you have a great experience getting in on the pre-alpha phase of this great game...Hope to see you in the world.
  8. Sorry you dont like the game at this state...I feel grateful that I am allowed to test in pre-alpha what I consider to be a game that i love growing with...I hope to see you back in the game when it is more polished.
  9. I am sorry youre having trouble...I will say this is the best support for a game I have ever seen before...just contact them at support@crowfall.com and hopefully they will be able to get your problem fixed.
  10. Seems like a good idea being able to help players in your faction even though they are not in your group.
  11. just curious what server/campaign?
  12. not exactly sure the question but I know the training is designed so we cant train 2 in one tree...and I dont think they said exactly what VIP will be but I believe it just means you will get a secondary track but still will have to train in different trees...so its cool VIP wont tip the power balance as much as just allow a person a variety of builds.
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