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  1. What about a mobility penalty for ranged attacks? Would force a larger focus on kiting and timing as opposed to playing with the damage. Make people think differently about how they time their skills and leave damage alone? Truth be told, I think this game has one of the most fair damage setups as is. And that way, they don't have to make the mistake of giving every single person in the game a gap-close like every other MMO does. And logically speaking, you cant sprint and shoot a bow or cast a spell - or be accurate doing it. Also a possibility, a moving-accuracy penalty..? Idk. Probably grasping at straws.
  2. So, I don't know if this would be plausible, but let me give you some background before I start. I noticed that the UI in this game seems to set us at a sort of disadvantage. The skills/training UI is all the way at the left of the screen, a place where most people don't have their mouse hanging around. Not only that, the only real direction anyone seems to go with UI/windows is a hotkey. It'd would be nice, in my opinion, to have a hold/toggle option that brings up a quick menu of the several windows that we see. Like, hold down (insert key choice) and a small UI bubble pops up with your 4-5 options of which page you want to open, right at the tip of your mouse and you just slide over to your choice. It would reduce a lot of time and would be a nice implement to the game if done right. Sort of like, and forgive me for the reference here, how League of Legends changed their pings from being stationary at the mini-map to being something you just toggle/mouse drag to achieve. Just, instead of a ping choice, we see Skills/Crafting/Social/ETC there. Could result in a whole lot less scrambling on your screen or keyboard to open windows. Less time wasted, more time to enjoy the game Plus, to my knowledge, it'd be the first of its kind in an MMO! Sloppy post and thoughts, first time on the forums, but there it is! Have you guys got any interesting changes/thoughts?
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