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  1. Firefall was. You had to get a key, but if you were lucky, you could beg on forums and get one. Arguably not an MMO, but I feel that it was closer to MMO sandbox than FPS.
  2. So, I'd like to share my initial "14 days worth of having played the game" opinion, both as a game, and as a concept. The various disclaimers apply - Yes, I know that the game state is heavily in development. Yes, I know many features aren't implemented. No, I'm not new to this. And to clarify my experience: MMOs include the usuals (WOW, GW/2, W:AR, Warframe, Starwars etc etc) and also old titles... Shadowbane in particular. RTS/MOBA/FPS: all of the usuals here too. I've been an early-access, alpha and beta tester on a few games, among them Firefall. I'm an IT guy who (Like most
  3. Thanks, Miraluna. Appreciate the heads up.
  4. So... is there anywhere we can check for statuses?
  5. Thanks for the update, I'm glad its not just me, but sad as hell that I can't play.
  6. Hi all, new to game. Love what I've played so far... which is 36 hours. I would have posted this in bugfixes, but that seems to be for testing servers only, and I couldn't find a thread addressing this already. I've had no issues logging in an play over the last three days, but I was playing a tried to logout to fix a bugged parcel in my EK, and now I'm unable to log back in. The launcher halts checking for updates. I tried moving the game files to another drive, renaming the download folder, launching the game .exe file (Which tells me I'm not entitled and refuses the login) and fin
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