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  1. I'm curious how relevant the right choice of class and race are (currently) in a lategame stage for crafting purposes and exploration purposes. If you want to squeeze the maximum out of your skills, such as getting more experimentation points or more critical harvest amount. Do you need to sacrifice your character identity to do so? For example, for critical harvest amount the character sheet suggests Dexterity as the go-to stat. Has this (or will this) create a sort of meta where every gatherer needs to be a (for example) Guinecean duelist to be 'the best gatherer'? And if so is this intended and do people like it? Most fantasy MMO's thrive partly because you can identify with your character. Obviously here, your character is effectively the spirit crow and not the vessel you're playing as, making it more akin to Eve Online where your character can swap ships to deal with a specific goal. However, even in Eve your pilot is customizable, creating a sort of connection between player and character. Meaning you always present yourself to the outside world (other players) in a certain way.
  2. Haven't played a few patches so this might've been mentioned before - I can no longer trigger skills when holding down left mouse button. E.g. while harvesting (keeping left mouse button down for repeated hits) I cannot trigger the Q skill (Energetic Harvest anymore. I have to release the mouse button first.
  3. This is a bit of a double-edged sword I feel. On the one side, ensuring the process takes a long time tries to ensure specialization, which is great and nessecary if there is to be any sort of economy. However, to ensure a good feeling for player progression you'd want there to be something meaningful. Just having minute differences (e.g. getting .2 experimentation pips for what during normal training would be ~2 days of training) doesn't feel very rewarding. Currently it would take ~64 days to unlock all the blacksmith recipes without the 10x. There isn't much progression. It's just nothing and then suddenly everything. One way to deal with it - in my opinion - would be to break it up into a more tiered crafting system, where the crafters continue to unlock better/higher tier recipes as they progress. Obviously this currently only sort of exists with the differences in resource rarity, but that seems a bit one dimension. The obvious downsides to this are: - The balancing act between stronger gear and new player progression/power - Having to redesign the current resources to accomodate those changes
  4. Doh. I think I just realised where I went wrong. I originally said: It seems that was a faulty assumption. It's more likely to be: 20 (my base assembly) / 5 = 4 7.2 (my Base Exp Pips) / 4 = 1.8 Thanks again!
  5. I have another question now that I've looked at it some more. Does this only apply to the basic skills given by the leadership skill? For instance, I currently have (native 20 Crafting Basics assembly skill and 7.2 Crafting Basics Experimentation Points. However, when I try to craft something with blacksmithing - according to the crafting UI feedback - it is calculating my chances and pips purely based on my blacksmithing stats. I have 30.4 BS Assembly, 2.8 BS Exp. Points, when I craft a difficulty 35 item it shows I have 95.4% success chance and when I craft it succesfully I get two experimentation pips to play with. I'm playing by myself, so I can't test the leadership skill effects sadly.
  6. I understand where you're coming from and part of me likes it as well. However, due to the way passive skill training works it ensures that everyone can be on equal footing (given they've chosen the same specialization). Even though I have to work alot, someone who doesn't won't completely outskill me in a certain skill simply because they were able to sink more time into the game.
  7. Thanks for the reply, that was a very informative read! I only have materials up to uncommon, so that's what I tested with. The UI did not show an increase in difficulty when I put those into the recipe (I did not click assemble). Is it not visible or does it only work for materials above uncommon?
  8. Hi, I've been trying to dig a bit deeper into a good understanding of crafting and ended up with some questions and some (possible) feedback. I apologize if any of these questions have been answered before, I couldn't find any clear sources on it. First of all, here are the assumptions I'm working with based on my ingame experimentation (apologies for the length): Base crafting stats I believe the three different crafting stats have a baseline value that holds true for any character that has zero skillpoints and zero stats. Assembly skill: 4.00 Experimentation skill: 0.00 Experimentation points: 1.80 Character stat influences Assembly skill is affected by +strength. 1 str = 0.0335 assembly skill Experimentation skill is affected by +intellect 1 int = 0.05 experimentation skill Experimentation points are also affected by +strength 1 str = 0.0135 experimentation points This seems to hold true for other crafting professions as well (based on my limited testing) although the stat affecting the skill may differ (e.g. dexterity for leatherworking) Max + crafting skill from skill trees The basic crafting track gives a maximum of: +5 Assembly skill +0 Experimentation skill +0 Experimentation points The blacksmithing crafting track gives a maximum of: +75 Assembly skill +65 Experimentation skill +8 Experimentation points (+15 speed, but not relevant for this topic) The optional racial track (e.g. 'mankind' or 'wood elf') gives a maximum of: +10 assembly skill +5 experimentation skill +0 experimentation points (+5 speed) Crafting skillcaps The crafting skill caps are all 100, except for experimentation points which caps out at 20. As I have not obtained a crafted vessel yet, I'm unaware of this influences those caps (apart from having higher character stats which would push the skills themselves higher). Crafting leadership track I do not have this skill unlocked, but according to the tooltips the skills only grant bonus points for Basic crafting, I'm assuming it does not (currently) affect specialist crafting skills. Item difficulty and crafting success It appears that the base chance to craft an item (before skills) is simply 100% - the item difficulty. Then the skill is added back on. So for example a 'mail coif' which has a difficulty of 35 for a character with 10.00 blacksmithing assembly skill would be 100-35+10 = 75% chance to craft. I have not observed an increase in difficulty using a higher quality material (e.g. 'uncommon'). There seems to be a hard success chance cap of 97%. I have not been able to test if 'optional' items (e.g. 'hunger shards') add to difficulty, as I don't have any. The highest difficulty blacksmith recipe I've seen has a difficulty of 35. There are only a few recipes I'm missing currently (from the 'Research Mastery' pips), they might have a bit more difficulty but I don't know right now. Experimentation succes and pips For experimentation pips it seems the number is always rounded down. Having 2.8 pips on the sheet I get 2 pips. I am unclear on how Experimentation success skill affects the success rate. Crafting a difficulty 5 item with 14 experimentation skill while having two pips results with both pips equalling 50% risk. Another item with difficulty 25 while having 11 experimentation skill results in having the same 50/50 ratio. I'm unclear on how this works. Questions Now that my assumptions about the inner workings are out of the way on to the questions. 1. The Assembly skill cap is 100. Even when I combine the points in the basic, blacksmith and racial track I end up with 90 assembly skill requiring another 10 skill, which equals 299 strength. (in 5.7 it seems the base cap for a stat will be 250 with racial bonuses affected this positively or negatively). However, with the way the success chance seems to work, what's the point in investing all these points? Crafting a 35 difficulty item and assuming the 97% chance hard cap I would only ever require a total of 32 assembly skill to hit the cap. Do points above that help me at all? 2. Should pips be always rounded down? It forces you to either 'go big or go home'? 3. How does experimentation success chance work actually work? 4. Is there anything that affects the base difficulty of an item? Is there an intention for item rarity to affect it? 5. Unrelated bonus question: Why are two handed weapon recipes behind the one handed recipes? I feel they should be lateral moves as they aren't different in 'strength' but simply dependant on which class can wield what.
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