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Everything posted by fatboy

  1. We will be actively playing in the 5.3 Patch, looking for bros


  3. fatboy


    mino meat baby all day!
  4. those tricky magnets, HOW DO THEY WORK!?
  5. fatboy


    we love you too beany-poo
  6. fatboy


    5 minute rally times y'all!
  7. +1 very good group of players!
  8. Id like to enlist your services for a 2 week contract at launch to establish my personal regime
  9. DC and the burning tree in production now!
  10. fatboy


    rules are for fools!
  11. im not afraid to get into the s***, deep down into it
  12. time consideration aside, nobody wants to be phylor, thus you must have created the alter ego hidetade! im on to you
  13. fatboy


    the champion of forumbane
  14. im a juggalo, we dont follow laws or rules, so wish in one hand and eject fecal matter into your other and see which fills first
  15. exact same post as the jellyfish thread! I KNEW IT phylor is hidetade!
  16. hold my hand bean, and together we will travel the world!
  17. 6 minutes and gone: The Dark Ones Story
  18. i remember seeing a jellyfish tree.... but never any actual jellyfish players
  19. and here comes my fan club! if DC was the point then yes, consider it defeated.
  20. aren't shipwrecked pirates one of "starfails" creations from goofy bane?
  21. typical closet juggalo response, cowards. *edit* now bow to your superiors
  22. I am the internet face of juggalos, your time is over
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