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  1. morgan4u

    Templar Meta

    Thanks Ble, and you to Yumx. It was mainly gonna be blued out for hunting bosses or raid bosses solo to get disc and money. Any ideas or like pictures on what the meta for that specific role of the templar would be? whats stats? etc, talents are little obvious but if you might think the public might miss, that to as well please. I know im asking a lot of you two gentlemen and the public but it is knowledge that the public needs and it would give the devs the feedback they need to make the changes that are wanted like what was discused in @Ble post
  2. So absolutely DO NOT use pip 4 into pip 1 or 2 or both to maximise resource output. You know...pip 1 making ur skill higher, sklil 2 increasing crit change in a way basically for the weak spots
  3. I know you asked me to prove this to you but I'll be up front. I dont have a blue'd out templar or anything of that nature, I've leveled a white vessel and that to be is just not good enough for testing. I'm talking about the class as a concept and a whole in the general sense and I'm putting past experience from many hardcore pvp games in there. My whole point was if your unhappy with this class at the moment, rebalancing these types of classes is very diffucult because a smidge could literally tip it over the edge. So play something else for now?
  4. Well there in lies the fallacy, meta is a concept, it is a collective opinion, not a fact. They are broken all the time and new Metas are introducted. Maybe they learned from other games not to give classes like this "increased mobility" or "insane healing" because that would literally make it TO overpowered in MOST areas. No one would play anything but Templar. I play what is meta as well I'm right there with you, giving this class more healing or more movement, 2 very powerful things is unreasonable. The only thing I would change at all in this situation is like someone said earlier in the post and change either the defense or parry mechanic, or maybe have it to where the non healing tree can have shield to, or even the healing tree HAVE shield but sac something else. Know what though? It would be even stronger in the other areas previously mentioned. The class has a role atm where as some classes like the knight for example literally and ONLY pulls. The templar has MORE HP than the knight ffs. Point is its already meta thats the thing, its just not meta for what you want it for, which would make it overpowered. It's understandable, what you want and your opinons. The way it seems now, other classes are in much worse areas and templar is in an "ok" spot, and imo I'd even call it overpowered. Playing these games so long to though, its not "really" overpowered its just the way the classes like this are designed. Hybrids are ALWAYS very strong at first, most of the time game breaking, and fall off toward more development. The problem atleast in my past experience with playing classes like this, like your experiencing now, is they spike and dip because of rebalance. I do enjoy the conversation I appreciate your objections
  5. I dont agree that this class should be on par with the other two choices in any case at all. The point of the class in the SLIGHTEST sense is a hybrid class or "jack of all trades" in a sense. I do not mean to be rude or burn ya bud, but if you have played classes like this since 1999, you would know that any changes like this, apart from tweaking of course would make the templar even more of a balance problem, it is ALREADY strong, just not in group pvp. That is the intention of hybrids and has always been in pvp games. Ya you cant do this...but you can do THIS that the other two cannot do. For example solo with such finesse or literally 1vs3-5 people or some such non sense because thats what these types of classes have ALWAYS done in games like these. It has never been different and never will be. The only time this case has not applied to this scenario is when the game is COMPLETELY skill based in every facet like Asherons Call, thats a great example of what I mean. I feel you, you love this class and you found something you like, however, the answer is NOT to buff the class to be good at group combat AS WELL. That would be absurd in the general sense that I mentioned before and what traditional hardcore pvp mmorpgs have always done. I do appreciate the feedback and giving your opinion on the matter because this IS a test game and people need to do just that and write about it in THESE forums. Applause for the effort, just not for the content ^_^.
  6. What pip rotation is optimal usually when your gathering?
  7. Hi guys, was just curious which tree was most efficient in large scale pvp? Also, which is in small scale pvp?
  8. This is very useful information and very detailed. This is exactly the type of post hardcore pvp gamers are looking for that put more hours into games like this. I really appreciate it, truely. Anything to be said on which passives to start as an all around crafter and which to take first as far as experiment success, points, or assembly success goes? I know it kinda depends on the craft of course but, you gave an insane enough answer, I'm sure you know this information to. Another important question a lot of people are wanting to know is what a "basic item" is as far as the first crafting tree goes. Do Metal Bars count towards this Basic Item or is it in the literal since as in basic tools etc? The wiki severely lacks information like this, and for good reason of course not a whole lot of people play the game, but theres a lot to say here on these forums still and newer players can feel bummed having to wait a month sometimes just to be kinda relevant, from what ive seen people complain about anyways. Ty for your efforts
  9. I appreciate both your knowledge is it EXTREMELY helpful! Thank you so very much. Another question you can probably answer just as well... Whats the meta for harvesting? I was thinking half elf assy for wood/skinning and such, not sure for stone/ore and gravedigging. Any input here would be amazing and thank you for your time!
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