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  1. I don't know why people get so butt hurt about this "running away" retreat and regroup are common things not only in pvp but in real life.. And as for that person running around by himself... Lots of times in mmo's my guild has sent people to kill stranglers so they don't make it back to the Zerg fight.. It's strategic, as much as everyone wants to relish in past games and be blind to new gaming innovations get real. Everyone's getting caught up in the k/d ratio, most mmo's won't have it and I doubt crowfall will either .. Maybe they have a kill counter, maybe they have some sort of scoring system, and odds are it will be far more complex than a simple kdr... poorly made socks if someone has 70000 kills in a campaign why shouldn't he get to show it off.. And same goes if he or his guild controlled 3 castles etc. like it or not it add competitiveness to the game, and in reality that's the whole point of pvp, if we didn't want a challenge we would all be playing a pve game.
  2. I see your point, and obviously ill be playing the game when I have access but at this point the excel spread sheet doesn't sound too bad. People will always create tutorials or make forum posts/articles on what works and what doesn't. Not everyone has every waking moment to be in the game or in the forums for that matter, but sometimes its nice to open an app or website from a phone and see what's happening in the game. If it be who's controlling what or who's killing who etc. regardless I'm somewhat over this theoretical topic and ill wait for news from the devs, its like beating a dead horse until something becomes reality and the game is far from complete so who knows what they have planned.
  3. Also think that would be interesting, stepping out of the box of simple KDR.
  4. They are only pointless and dumb when you do nothing to contribute. Even with a game as simple as the Hungerdome it would be nice to see what class/player gets most of the kills/assists/damage/wins/healing. "that being said its combat testing so things will obviously change and I wouldn't rush a feature for the sake of combat testing" I can understand some people not wanting others to know there gear, most games have a feature to block inspect.. As for online websites, it usually shows what gear they have on at the time of search "In an open world fight most people wouldn't have time to open it until after they die to someone" I used it a lot in Aion before Dredges, was pretty useful in that game, but who knows if it would have any value here. As for stat padding, well I've never had the time to do it nor would I, but I do agree that some would. I suppose if the stats add nothing more than bragging rights value why would people bother cheating?
  5. Yeah, the people who cant play greatly appreciate this.
  6. Yeah, I could see why people wouldn't like KDR, but there must still be a way to have some type of personal standings. Even if it were some simple counters. ex: Bob Lifetime Kills 4365 Lifetime Assists 3152 Maybe its just me but after I'm fully geared in a game if I don't have some type of leader board to try and achieve top rank, I usually uninstall. "that being said ELO scores have no business in MMO's haha" I guess its somewhat the same reason I rarely play PVE games, you can almost always figure out a way to beat the AI "which is the equivalent to being fully geared in an MMO imo" but in PVP its the other players that drive the challenge, and deep down we all want to be the best Faction or Guild or Player in our Guild or even our Class etc.
  7. Hope I'm not starting a new thread on an old topic, but I'm just curious if they've announced any type of Leader Boards or Kill Counters. I know this can be some what of a touchy subject when it comes to peoples "Ego or E-Peen" but I personally always liked to compare my score to others/find out what gear they used etc. To generalize my question, will Crowfall have any of these? Score Board? Kill Counter? PVP Points? "gain points for kills/lose for death or something of a sort" Online Character Search? Gear Score? I guess its just nice to know when you are gunning for a "Trophy Kill" and knowing you'll be rewarded for it.
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