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  1. crow


    I am personally only experienced with Mac computers, barely at all with PCs or PC gaming.. So this will be "new" for me. However, I am probably going to download Windows on my Macbook for Crowfall. My question is, do you think Crowfall should be released for Mac as well as PC?
  2. I just think it would be an interesting idea to make twitters for our characters. Of course, they will be more active when the game is released.
  3. There is still tons of time for the debs to work out kinks and do their absolute best to make their players happy. After all, they can't please everyone. Some will want magic, some won't. Some will want gender-locked characters, some won't.
  4. An amazing start to an amazing game! Proud to say that I am a backer.
  5. I think we should all create Crowfall Twitter accounts for our future Crowfall characters. Creating this community could have many benefits! I come from Wizard101, and there is a "Twizard" community on Twitter dedicated to our characters. If nothing else, it would bring us all together. My URL is @AonisCrow (Its new, I know). Whats yours?
  6. Ive been following this game since January, and I just purchased an earlybird AMBER special! Cant wait to play, really looking forward to this game
  7. crow

    Men? Wings?

    I love the fact that the assassin has dark, beautiful wings. My question is, will there be a male assassin? Will he have wings? I would love to see that
  8. Woo! Just snagged an earlybird AMBER package
  9. crow

    The Crows

    Oh and also i am a wizard101 player
  10. crow

    The Crows

    Hey! Starting a guild simply called 'The Guild of Crows'! Care to join? -crow
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