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  1. Same issue as @moneda ref: female Fae assassin. I created the vessel anyway, and arrived in the beachhead invisible and moving around with the camera at ground level. Relogging failed to produce a visible vessel. Tried to go to the crypt to kill myself to see if I could create a new vessel, but I cannot use the gates while invisible, even though I get the Press F to use the Gate notification when I approach the gate. I press F and nothing happens.
  2. Trees have stopped respawning at, and around, 2638, 1102 and 2754, 2457. These are not Fort Parcels. Guards not respawning at 2650, 2345.
  3. I have logged off near the Order runegate three times recently. Each time I logged back in, I was at the northernmost part of the map, north of the fort. I’m not sure what is causing me to be teleported so far away.
  4. For the last two days pressing E has failed to initiate Return several times. Relogging helped in one case, but did not help in the others.
  5. @toddcoleman mentioned in an early 5.6 video that he was going to relook the prohibition of concurrent sibling training, giving the opportunity to train two crafts at once. Is there any indication that this is going to be allowed when 5.7 goes to Live? The opportunity to concurrently train parent-grandchild and parent-great grandchild ought to be allowed as well. These clearly do not impact progression and would only be desirable to pick up bypassed skills that are now perceived to be needed.
  6. Updated Gophers Crafting Sheet

    Thanks. This represents a lot of work!
  7. Passive Skill Tree is Very Alarming!

    The complaints about the passive skill training have been made numerous times, but short of a complete overhaul, I don’t see how they can effectively be addressed. It makes sense to me to accept that some sort of progression is necessary in skill development in order to make it possible to learn or develop more complex skills. No one starts off knowing how to repair a car without some basic understanding of the car’s systems and some time spent learning how those systems interact as well as time spent taking them apart and putting them together. While I think players would accept the idea of progression, they appear to reject gates as impediments, and pathing as overly restrictive. One way to avoid pathing, gates and inability to specialize would be to build a system around effort rather than following a tree. In actuality, a tree structure might still exist, but it would not restrict a player’s choices as it does in the current system. As an example, instead of having Int, or Sprint Speed, or Movement Control Intensity, etc. show up in several places, why not just put all the points necessary to be spent on any one of these items to master it in one basket, and let the player commit those points by how much effort he or she is willing to devote to it? If a player wants to devote 100% of his training effort to one major area (profession, race, or class), he should be able to do that. If he wants to split it 60-20-20, that should also be possible. As an example, a new player who doesn’t know anything about the game decides that he wants to run around and learn the map, fight some pve creatures and pick up some resources as he can. Maybe do some scouting to contribute to the campaign. He may decide that he needs some basic combat skills, some improvement to his sprinting and movement and stealth to provide some survivability. Right now, he would have to start at the first bubble of Combat and work his way through three complete trees to be able to train in his chosen weapon. That seems unnecessary. He should be able to begin training with his axe, sword or staff at the same time as he is training in things like Critical Hit Damage and Attack Control Intensity. Since Combat is within Profession and he wants to devote 60% of his total effort to Combat, he could then choose to put 30% into his weapon training and 15% each into Crit Damage and Attack. Likewise, since all movement related skill have been consolidated under Race, he would devote 20% of total effort to whichever of those skills he wanted, and if stealth skills are consolidated under Class, that’s where the final 20% would get broken up. This effort distribution would remain in place until changed by the player, or until he maxed out a particular skill area. With the large number of skills found in the current trees, the choices available to the player would be myriad. It would be possible to very narrowly tailor a special purpose character who could be developed relatively quickly while a well-rounded character serving a different function or player desire would take decidedly longer. However, in both cases, the player would decide what skills were important and how quickly any given skill needed to be mastered. This kind of system accommodates, single craft crafters, harvesters, main siege tanks, solo players who want more self-sufficiency and guild players who may have more focused roles. Even with a percentage of effort system, there is still progression in that the devs could structure the training payoff so that the farther toward a skill mastery you moved, the higher the reward. Now it is basically, earn a pip, get a reward point. There has been some discussion of including an active training component, and I tend to think that would be useful without generating a grind mentality. I would provide some benefit in terms of skill advancement for using a skill currently being trained. How much or how little would be up to the devs, but “practice” ought to count for something. I can think of several ways to provide the graphical representation of the skills, and how percentage of effort is represented, but that’s the easy part. The numbers behind each skill development are all available as they were developed to put together the current trees, so much of the effort to overhaul skill training would not be new, but rather consolidating items currently distributed over several trees, deciding under which major heading they belonged and how the “rewards” for training advancement would be distributed. I would welcome further discussion and critique of this approach as I think the current system is not as flexible as it needs to be, and I’ve been trying to figure out a way to do it differently.
  8. Fort at Jingletap Respite is bugged. Initially, when I attempted to capture the fort, the guards did not detect stealth, and I was able to get inside, kill one guard and begin the capture. I got about halfway done when I was killed by a guard who joined in the fight with another player. After I recovered my corpse back at the fort, I again got into a fight and killed another player inside the lodge, but the guards failed to react. I noticed that the capture bar had not moved from where it was when I was killed the first time even though the other player had been inside the lodge for at least 5 minutes. After I began the capture process again, the bar did not move for several minutes. As I was leaving the fort, it jumped back up to almost full, so I went back in to attempt capture again. This time, the bar decreased as expected, however, the guards still did not react to my presence even though I came out of stealth and ran up next to all of them while they still belonged to an opposing faction.
  9. 1.Fae glide still broken. Cannot double jump for more height, nor does it work consistently. 2. During crafting I right clicked on crafting seal while in the recipe. Explanation box appeared and completely covered the recipe. The box did not go away with any combination of key presses or actions until I quit the game and reloaded. 3. Tried to capture a tower that was not previously captured. I was dropped out of stealth two of the three times when I gated to the top of the tower. In one of the towers, I was attacked and killed although the tower did not belong to any faction. 4. Spirit crow could not be made to rise above obstructions (incomplete fort walls). Had to quit and reload. 5. Booted to Home screen mid flight on crow. Booted to Home screen on resurrection. Both times had to quit and reload to renter world. 6. Wolf Tooth listed as Sacrafice Item, but has the Cannot Be Sacraficed label underneath.
  10. Far glide still broken. I received falling damage frequently whether I appeared to be gliding or gliding didn’t work. Animation plays (wings go out), but vessel simply falls. At Character Select, it appears that there are now choices for hair and skin color, but none of the choices work.
  11. Concurrent Skill Training

    TY @Anthrage. I remember seeing that discussion now. I hope they implement child trees only. It would be nice to be able to train two crafts concurrently.
  12. Why can I not train Elf and Fae concurrently? My understanding was a prohibition against training two parts of the same skill tree if they were at the same tier level, but Elf is at tier 2, and Fae is at tier 3. They are on different branches of the Sylvan tree.
  13. Skill Training Redux

    It has been 2 months since 5.6 started in Live, and we all started over. I’m curious how everyone is feeling about where they are in their skill training. This would be the end of the 20th month when we are in “real” time. I am generally satisfied with where I am in Exploration, but have only just started Melee, and I am just finishing up my second crafting skill. I’ve progressed through the top tier for each branch of Race, the second tier for one race in each, and have completed the third tier for one of my chosen races about a week ago. My class training has been similar to Race: all top tiers, one second tier in each branch, and ready to start the third tier for my preferred class a couple of weeks ago. Knowing that those skills weren’t yet available caused me to train in other classes than I would have had they been available, and I imagine, like Race, I would have already completed at least one. My only disappointment at this point is with Crafting. It’s hard to imagine that almost two years into the game, I would only be mastering two crafts. I’d be interested to know whether that will be satisfactory for everyone, or need some adjustment.
  14. If you download the test client, you can log into the Test server when they are doing snap tests. On that server, you will find all mats at the various crafting stations loaded on vendors. You can get them at no cost, and craft up to legendary quality. You will still have to go to a fort or keep your faction owns to craft advanced items. On the Live server, the game is running as it is supposed to at this stage of development, and the game mechanics aren’t modified specifically for testing. Having said that, Im sure that ACE appreciates feedback on bugs found. if you have not read the How To Play the game FAQ and watched all the tutorial videos, I’d recommend it. That will save some costly errors in the future. Welcome to Crowfall!
  15. 1. Recall not working on keypress. 2. Fae gliding is very inconsistent. Sometimes it works as in 5.6, sometimes you just fall out of the sky. 3. Please put hair back on female Fae wearing chain coif. 4. Disengage/engage broken. Most of the time, my Fae vessel just jumps up instead of re-engaging.