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  1. Tried skinning in the CW today. Doobers did not spawn as normal. Only drops took place at the final swipe, and the result was usually one or two hides. No meat, blood or bones and no more than three hides for any animal. Tried spiders, elk and aurochs. All failed to produce normal skinning results. Was running empowered skinning, skinning potion and rune knife.
  2. Combining 5 uncommon minor disciplines results in a rare, but the tooltip reflects that is can be used for an Epic vessel. The rare cannot be slotted on an Epic vessel, so I presume the tooltip is incorrect. I find the upgrading of disciplines to be not only tedious, but far to difficult at the upper end: 125 whites to make an epic, 625 for a legendary. If we can, in fact, buy white disciplines, at the current price, we will pay 43,750 for a single epic discipline and 218,750 for a legendary. If white disciplines are a drop, there is not a snowball's chance that anyone will have a full set of disciplines for epic or legendary disciplines. I hope this is an interim step and not the final solution for obtaining disciplines.
  3. If the inventory window is open, you can no longer change the facing of your vessel with the mouse. You can move with the arrow keys, but cannot rotate until you ESC to close the inventory; then the mouse works as normal.
  4. Agree. However, when your level doesn’t change from day to day, the sacrifice value should not be changing daily.
  5. It appears that the white outcome of the scroll combine changes its sacrifice value daily for some reason. I’ve had them in inventory for 4 days. They have gone from 280 to 1400 to 700 to 350 today. I have to think this is a bug. The blue and green results have stayed a consistent value.
  6. I finally found a table which would allow me to combine wartribe scrolls. You can combine any 10 scrolls from a single monster group, and the quality of the output varies with the quality of the scrolls used. A white result is worth 1400 for sacrifice; green is 1471 and blue is 1540. My issue is that there is no way to split the single outcome result. My Fae requires 978 XP to go from level 29 to 30. That means that if I use any of the outcomes for sacrifice, I waste a minimum of 1/3 of the value, even at the highest levels. At the lower levels, I waste 80% of the value. Unless there will be some greater purpose for combining these artifacts, it is pointless to waste time trying to track down and then use a table in the middle of a camp just to waste the output because there is no carryover beyond the points necessary for any given level. If there were carryover of excess sacrifice points, then making these combines would be very useful.
  7. Anyone else having trouble logging out where they want to in the Campaign? It seems as if I have to run 3 grid squares away from any outpost or war tribe to be able to log out without getting a warning about being in an unsafe place. The last few times I’ve logged back in, even if I didn’t get the warning, I’ve been ported to a “safe” place. A couple of times that put me inside an opposing faction runegate’s kill zone. This system appears to need some refinement.
  8. Would it be possible to either color code those EKs online, or group them all at the top. Right now you have to scroll through the whole list to find vendor EKs that are online.
  9. There are icons on the compass indicating where to go to the nearest portal, and if there is a dragon statue in the same map where you died, a light column shows the way. You can always check the map to see where the nearest friendly fort or keep is and fly there.
  10. Thanks for the response. Knowing this was not just an oversight will let me plan accordingly in the future.
  11. In the previous mechanic, once you returned to your corpse to loot it, you could summon it from 100 m away. This was helpful if you died somewhere like the spider queen’s lair, or during a failed fort takeover. With the current mechanic of running back to your corpse to loot it, there is no way to summon it out of a suicidal location so you lose whatever you were carrying (and probably die a few more times just to confirm that you can’t get the looting done). Was this intentional? If so,, what purpose does it serve?
  12. Tried to capture Harrison's Fort and couldn't get the capture graphic to begin countdown. Ran in and out, sat in the circle for 10 minutes and it never started. I was able to capture the other fort in zone without difficulty although I had to run in and out of the circle several times to get the timer started.
  13. Thanks for the correction Arkade. I don’t know how many times I’ve been irritated by this. I suppose I should have been smart enough to figure it out, but my little Fae brain didn’t make the connection.
  14. Leather could be so much more useful. It should be the only armor Assassins want to wear. What stealth-based character wants to be clanking around in mail or plate? The sound signature of variously clothed vessels should take armor into account. Spec it so that it makes sense. Likewise, crafting armor or other clothing should be leather. I can’t imagine sitting at your crafting table all day wearing metal. Simple, appropriate changes, properly spec’d to make them equivalently useful to a core sector of the community seem to be easy fixes to revitalize the craft.
  15. Right clicking doesn’t work if you happened to open the recipe window before opening your spirit bank to retrieve an item into your inventory. You will need to close the crafting window after any export to inventory and reopen it to reestablish right clicking.
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