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  1. Spirt Bank

    I did just log on after the update, but I’m not sure how long I should expect to wait for the fix to kick in.
  2. Spirt Bank

    Today I logged with 40 some imports and 50 some exports. Came back several hours later and was 0/0. I've tried relogging, but the numbers do not come back. I'm now stuck, unable to access my spiritbank.
  3. Spirt Bank

    The whole bank system needs work. Eliminate spirit bank; just pay a fee to make a transfer from one bank to another, to include EK. Recognize that vendors and crafters are going to require much more storage than currently available.
  4. I like the idea of periodic checks, but I would suggest random timing within 8 hour blocks. That would encourage players to actually go get a fort or keep anytime they were on because they wouldn’t know exactly when they needed to have it. Likewise, it allows players who can only log on during off-peak times to contribute.
  5. How is stealth in this game?

    I think that the impact of sound has to play a large roll in both detection and avoidance. The amount of sound a player makes should be tied to class, race, dexterity, equipment, terrain type. Sound provides detect ability when the stealthier approaches from outside the perception arc. Scree is correct in wanting perception skills concentrated in some fashion in front and to a lesser extent peripherally. I agree with his earlier post, and I hope the developers actually put some depth into the final stealth system.
  6. How to drive players off

    The reminder from Kraahk that this is a testing environment is valid, but the people here who want to be a part of the testing also want to have some sort of gaming experience in so doing. Frustrating them will surely cause some to not return if it is just too hard to make even basic progress. Let’s face it, crafting is clearly essential to this game, and those willing to spend the time and effort to do it well will have made an dedicated commitment to the game succeeding. No question about the required social aspects to the game; I think they are equally essential to the game’s overall success. And all MMORPGs have to deal with this to some extent by providing a path for solo players to enjoy the game while remaining true to the basic thrust of the game to create a social environment where teamwork creates success. But Digby is correct as well, and articulated some of my feelings. I’d much rather stay in the CW to craft than go through the process of moving all crafting supplies via spirit bank, while dealing with its limitations, to my EK. Currently, the spirit bank is intended for limited use. Maybe that should be revisited if there is no safe space to craft in the CW. At least that would allow players to bank as they harvest, and if you could enter components directly into the crafting windows from the spirit bank, that too would help protect against interruption during crafting. Putting intermediate crafting stations in the beachhead, or allowing players to create them there, would at least allow lower level players to craft a set of armor and weapons. You could even require players to build their own tables which would disappear on departure from the CW. It would still require players to run back out to their harvest sites from the extremes of the maps every time they gather, so the time spent returning to the beachhead is not trivial.
  7. How to drive players off

    I appreciate the feedback, and can fault none of it. I'd like to craft in my EK, but quickly ran into trouble with the import/export limits. Maybe I just wasn't being smart about it. I didn't realize that you could close the crafting window once you started the timer. That will help. I certainly appreciate the need to not keep more in inventory than you can afford to lose-this last time I had just gathered all the components out of the bank for the final set of combines. Bad timing on my part. I've almost always tried to be a solo, self-sufficient player and in most games, I have done reasonably well, but I recognize that the way this game is designed will always be a challenge in that respect.
  8. I came in pretty excited about Crowfall. I'm less enthused now. My lack of enthusiasm stems from having been killed several times in the last several days while in the middle of crafting. One player waltzed into the crafting area and killed me while all of the guards stood around and watched. I get that that is a bug. I get that the game is set up to drive team play, but at this early stage where I rarely see more than 2 or 3 other players on at a time, not having a safe place to craft is a real impediment to getting into this game. I want to craft. I want to become good at it. But right now, I am unable to harvest the materials, assemble the components and produce a product without, seemingly, being killed in the process. I've lost hundreds of hides, hundreds of ore, hundreds of dust, and numerous other items because there is no safe way to craft. You can't really craft in the EK because quickly the spirit bank runs out of transfers. You have no visibility of what is going on around you, so you are reliant on the guards, who generally fail to react to an intruder unless directly attacked. This is not meant to be whining, but it is meant to point out that at this early stage, if you want to give folks the incentive to craft, you need to allow it to happen in a safe space-like a beachhead. Alternatively, make the guards do their jobs, or make it necessary for at least three people to be involved in taking over a fort, not just one. Or limit the number of items a killer can loot, or allow items to be entered into crafting window directly from the bank instead of having to be in inventory. There are probably 20 ways to improve this situation so that, until player numbers and guild presence can provide security for crafters, they don't get continually ganked. After wasting the last 4 days attempting to make a leather breastplate, I doubt I'll be back for a while. Too much of a grind, for too high a risk.
  9. I also got kicked when the servers went down, but was able to get the patch installed 15 minutes later. Still cannot log in, however. Same error message as above.
  10. After new update: - can only log in intermittently. PW not accepted. - no longer able to bank time in skills training for a second skill in the same major area. - not allowed to start training a new skill. Seems to attempt to start, but the an error message says “unable to start training.”