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  1. Mobs are frozen in 26-30 zone. Ice cannot be made in the same zone since the patch this evening.
  2. Thanks Tinnis for attaching the video and linking the powers and talents.
  3. I can see what roles the Frostweaver can fill, but I can't tell from looking at the powers how it is supposed to work. I just don't understand the whole "ice" business. Can someone please give me a short primer on how this class is played?
  4. I’d like to see us return to the use of EKs for setting up markets. While the vendors in the temples are certainly convenient, I enjoyed seeing the various EKs other players constructed and those EKs which had multiple vendors and useful markets became well known. Why not do guild markets in EKs? I don’t understand why the switch was made.
  5. The R7 ancients are dropping 4 souls and a bunch of essences. My question is: do the souls only refine to blue, or by using purple blood in the sigil required, can they refine to epic?
  6. Another question: can one person in a two person mother load group run both foreman and villein, or does each person have to have the quarrying disc to make mineral harvesting work?
  7. You actually don't need Foreman to harvest gems or minerals. If you've got strong enough harvesters swinging 50+ tools, drink the appropriate gem and minerals potion and eat the right food, that disc are not absolutely necessary, My partner and I have harvested both minerals and gems with only one of us with Connoisseur.
  8. The Details tab has a lot of numbers related to just about everything, but I am unable to find out how to impact all of those numbers. Some are self-evident, but others are not. As an example, I currently show 0% for ore motherloads. I have no idea what impacts that number, but I’d like to raise it as I intend to work with a partner to mine them. Can someone point me to an explanation as to what drives this specific number, and what it really means? I assume that number is, at least in part, driven by the passive skill tree completion for excavation.
  9. Please make it impossible for someone else, not a member of your group, to loot a mob that you hit first. With the use of PVE for leveling, early armor and gold, God's Reach has become a haven for kill stealers. Every time a Captain, King or Chieftain is killed, the fight attracts thieves who run in to get a hit, wait for the kill and try to hit F faster than those who actually engaged the mob to take loot.
  10. Tried skinning in the CW today. Doobers did not spawn as normal. Only drops took place at the final swipe, and the result was usually one or two hides. No meat, blood or bones and no more than three hides for any animal. Tried spiders, elk and aurochs. All failed to produce normal skinning results. Was running empowered skinning, skinning potion and rune knife.
  11. Combining 5 uncommon minor disciplines results in a rare, but the tooltip reflects that is can be used for an Epic vessel. The rare cannot be slotted on an Epic vessel, so I presume the tooltip is incorrect. I find the upgrading of disciplines to be not only tedious, but far to difficult at the upper end: 125 whites to make an epic, 625 for a legendary. If we can, in fact, buy white disciplines, at the current price, we will pay 43,750 for a single epic discipline and 218,750 for a legendary. If white disciplines are a drop, there is not a snowball's chance that anyone will have a full set of disciplines for epic or legendary disciplines. I hope this is an interim step and not the final solution for obtaining disciplines.
  12. If the inventory window is open, you can no longer change the facing of your vessel with the mouse. You can move with the arrow keys, but cannot rotate until you ESC to close the inventory; then the mouse works as normal.
  13. Agree. However, when your level doesn’t change from day to day, the sacrifice value should not be changing daily.
  14. It appears that the white outcome of the scroll combine changes its sacrifice value daily for some reason. I’ve had them in inventory for 4 days. They have gone from 280 to 1400 to 700 to 350 today. I have to think this is a bug. The blue and green results have stayed a consistent value.
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