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  1. But. I'm a Templar. Aren't you guys supposed to Ignore us? Check & Mate. Tho I walk in the shadow of Balance and Chaos. I will fear no enemy because Arkon walks with me!
  2. funny thing is all that "discipline" is just me shouting random reminders during the middle of a fight that we be getting greedy/overextending.
  3. I am a vessel of Arkon and I approve this message!
  4. I"m not an ACE development partner and I think they are right. This grind is NOTHING.
  5. It was a fun fight. Once the guards turned I melted before I could get out.
  6. A.K.A "PRE-ALPHA" *insert random funny meme* ❤️
  7. Thanks for the Education. That is where my Class ignorance comes into play...I knew that Fury has a suppression...I think. But still learning what all the terminology means
  8. So before I start. Just letting people know that I am very new to the game. So any ignorance about class mechanics are expected on my part. With that said I like being a part of Community discussions. I would like this discussion to be EDUCATIONAL and CONSTRUCTIVE. Before I begin. I just want to point out that I am not taking any numbers tuning into account. This discussion is strictly game play. With that out of the way lets begin. BTW my grammar is terrible. I think faster then I can type. Just fair warning. So far my favorite class in Crowfall is the Templar. This does not surprise me since I have the most fun play this archetype in many games. I.E. Paladin in World of Warcraft, Guardian in Guild Wars 2, Crusader in Diablo 3 ext... Obviously the glaring weakness with Templar is mobility. Atleast IMHO. With that said I dont think Censure is working as intended. Its just to hard to land even on PvE mobs. This could be fixed with a simple pass-over during beta (since the devs have bigger things to deal with atm) I completely understand why its still buggy. One way I could see helping Templar mobility is not to give them a gap closer but instead just giving them Slows. Make it so someone has to think twice about charging or attacking a Templar because their ability to run away would get worse. Templar's are Justice seekers alot of the times the Holy Warrior archetype in games is seen as the policing force. Or a Royal Guard. Never searching for a fight but when a fight does happen make sure the enemy/villain cant just get away. (How else would they send them to the chopping block?) Another thing i've noticed is how CC reliant the Templar is. With Retaliate being spammable with enough stam. I think Retaliate should have a CD(think Wow's PvP anti CC trinket that"s on a 2min CD) Across all Classes. The CD time can be tuned to the dev's liking. Next in my list is Divine Light. This ability is really good on paper. However anyone who plays any large scale pvp game knows that theory doesn't always work in practice. So I think a rework of that one ability could solve a few issues. Take Divine Light and rename it to Divine Presence. It should still keep its CD. Then instead of having it placed on the grond simply attatch it to the Templar themselves. Change the size or make it weaker but since this is a large portion of my Righteousness i think it should stick with me and not over yonder sitting outside the battle because people moved. With the announcement from the December 4th's Q&A mentioning disciplines costing talent points to get some of their effect. You could add more to the base classes and give Templar another Ground use ability that acts like it should, A large sanctified ground that is very hazardous to the enemies health. That ability shouldnt be just placed willy nilly either. Could even make it slow anyone caught inside when it was cast and anyone hit by the damage pulses. All in all I love that Classes in the game have Strengths and weaknesses. With this game being still being in Pre-Alpha its amazing how much this game has going for it. In a world of games that are "forever Beta" like alot of Steam games This games Pre-Alpha blows those games "Beta" out of the water. Hopefully this creates a decent discussion to give the dev's a direction to go with the Templar. TL;DR I think Templar's roles should be to punish those who over extend I.E by slowing and immobilizing anyone (such as a Hungry Knight/Myrmidon) Making them regret jumping in like they did. As always this is Pre-Alpha so I am positive their will be numbers and class tuning/changes coming when entering Beta. P.S. Again I apologize if this is hard to read. I have terrible grammar.
  9. So I am about to suggest a PvE event in a PvP game. What I am suggesting is during the down time of Campaigns There be a Post battle event that would leave the previous campaign open but turn it into a dangerous adventure filled with PvE mobs and Kings or even a bigger baddy. This adventure would require a decent group of players (think small Raid or big ur choice). The adventure could give better loot and resources/Gold to drop from monsters. Maybe even cosmetics. An example of one would be a Post campaign battlefield that is now ravaged by war and Is now under control of undead soldiers who are angry they died. Its atmosphere can be of darkness and thick fog. Being filled with undead it would give more Necromancy materials for crafting. Could have more motherloads that you need to guard the harvesters from waves of undead. Would require healers/Tanks and Dps. I think this would be a good for guilds that have people who still want to do large group activities in between campaigns. Bbecause its Post battle areas that are "taken over" by monsters that moved in after the battle would make for unique changing atmospheres. Obviously the developers have more important concerns atm. But I think this would be a cool future addition once the game is launched and would give another direction for people which could help with player activity and retention.
  10. Guild criteria: Region: NA, Texas(CST) Atmosphere: Looking for a Guild that is serious about the game but not themselves(Its a game afterall). Prefer a guild of Mature 18+. Looking for a guild that is Professional in execution but has a chill social environment. A guild that doesnt live and breath the Meta. I want to join a guild that CREATES the Meta. Not Follow it. Casual/Hardcore?: Hardcore. I've been a Hardcore player in majority of the games I play. Size: I would like to be apart of A larger Guild.( I was in the Space Monkey Alliance which is apart of Goon Swarm Federation in EVE). Play-Style: Hold my ground and dont give up ground type. I enjoy just being apart of a team I.E. being a Crafter, Harvester, Defender, Frontline Attacker. Templar is my favorite Archetype/class in all games. Commitment: For the right guild I will give 100% Miscellaneous: About me; I am prior Service Coast Guard, Stay at home dad(See? i can commit). My hobbies include Building powerful gaming rigs, My jeep, Guns(I live in Texas). If I find the right guild I may have some friends joining me. I am new to the game so I am still in the learning curve. Experience: World of Warcraft. Hardcore Raider but the highest I got was during Legion was top 20 US(Played Enhancement Shaman so im good with hybrid Niche Classes). My Favorite Class was the Paladin. Played Ret in Arenas and BG/open world. EVE. Joined a Support Corp for the Space Monkey Alliance "ook ook" Which, at the time, owned majority of the Western Black Area. They were a large part of the Goon Swarm Federation. Archeage. Nothing too notable. Played a Nightrunner. Albion Online (Beta). Was with the Guild "iron bank" (think thats what it was called). It had some huge drama at the start of the game...Stories on it are on the internet. Sharky or something was the GM's name. GW2(Beta) and Live. Never found a decent guild but was active with WvW and Conquest as Guardian and Reaper. Many Survival/Crafting games(7 Days to Die, Minecraft, Conan Exiles, Ext...). For Honor (Warden). World of Tanks. Destiny. Destiny 2. Black Desert Online (Berserker). Voice-Chat services: Discord(easiest way to get ahold of me). Teamspeak. Mumble. Ventrillo. Any that the guild needs me to join. Contact Info: Discord - Kombine#0555. Crowfall Forums. Crowfall Direct Messaging.
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