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  1. Do you work for the media? Your title makes it seems like fact. I had a feeling there would be no dev quote in your post and lo and behold I was right.
  2. I'm disappointed there was nothing fun at 1k posts.
  3. Yeah, I cannot wait to see all the archetypes and to know how many promotion classes each will have on average.
  4. You mean they aren't modeling the game off of all my posts? g-d
  5. and being able to eat their bodies?
  6. Meh, it isn't too good anyway. Lots of other houses and cars.
  7. This guild must not have too many people that go to the bar/pub because Last Call is the worst!
  8. As long as the support classes are useful, then limited healing is fine imo. Also, actual war isn't really that relevant lol.
  9. I'm not saying it has to be removed. I just am waiting to see how it plays out. I've been pretty unimpressed with action combat games recently in terms of macro level strategy.
  10. Yes, I shouldn't have used the vague term "tactical". The tactics in action combat games on the market are very much heavily skewed towards actual battle tactics such as movement and aim and not so much RPG elements. I love seeing stuns, roots, snares, other forms of CC, buffs, debuffs, and so on. A lot of that strategy is removed from the game. So far, that depth you talk about is not there in any action based games. I'd rather just play Planetside 2.
  11. The problem is you can't just easily infuse those things into the game and keep all of the existing skillsets at the same importance level. So many times, having a higher skill at action combat trumps being a smart tactical player. That's why I said I can't wait until a game manages to do this well. I just feel it is a risky endeavor and easy to mess it up. We'll see. I'm very interested to see how it plays out in CF.
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