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  1. The holding values appear to be off Order Holding Points: (36*5)+(6*200)+(400*1) = 1780 Chaos Holding Points: (43*5)+(1*200)+(400*0) = 415 Balance Holding Points: (66*5)+(5*200)+(400*2) = 2130
  2. Currently after retaliating the next basic swings don't register.
  3. +1, F What ever incentives PvP in this PvP game, because right now the circle standing / running simulator isn't great.
  4. Pretty please? I didn't know how much I'd miss it till it was gone.
  5. In a sea of negative posts this was a breath of fresh air. See you on the field.
  6. Following up from our discord conversation and putting in my official application to join Winterblades
  7. In Game Player Name: Darthbunbun Times your primarily available (Include Timezone): USA West Coast GMT-7 What 'role' do you want to play in game?: I'm open to fill where needed, but I'm a melee fighter and I'm currently playing on an Assassin.
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