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  1. I agree the 3m range doesn't feel good. I wanted to give the new change some time before I made a post about it, but I can't see my opinion changing on the topic. I find that I need to sprint during mutli action combos to try and get them to land despite starting the combo pressed against the target. Open field engagements are far more frustrating as targets are falling back or fleeing, because if the target goes into survival tray and runs it makes landing attacks nearly impossible.
  2. I've stood in my fair share of circles throughout the trials and I can say these past two trials have been a breath of fresh air. The reduction in the number of outposts and the reduced time to cap means I spend far less times standing in circles and far more time fighting over them. The death of back capping and night capping has also been a welcome change. Thanks ACE!
  3. Yeah its hard to hear over the screams of all the people dying to the bomb.
  4. I'm glad you agree Angelmar. I'm gonna need a Fae vessel for this campaign
  5. Race: Centaur / Minotaur Role: Front Line Tanky DPS Major Disc: I'd run something to support your party and increase party DPS Minor Disc: I like "Expansive Mind" and "Demons Pact" to open up more options LvL Stats: Strength > Constitution - If you can reach STR cap great, but attack power caps at 1k so once you have a weapon and gear you don't want to be too far over that 1k AP. Gear Stats: Attack Power - Crit Hit Damage - Final Damage Mod are what you're looking for on gear. Get that 1,000 attack power and focus on trying to get to 200% crit hit damage and as close to 40% Final Damage Mod. Weapon: Leverage the crush damage / pen bonus from the Pit Fighter tree and use a great mace. Notes: Keep in mind what a pit fighter is designed to do. You want to be disruptive and self reliant. Break through the front line of combat and get to the back line where you can be a pest. The pit fighter kit has "Ultimate Warrior" & "Invincible Warrior" as personal back pocket heals which should keep you healthy if you're out of range of your healers. Feel out your limitation based on gear level and know when it is time to evacuate yourself to return to your healers for a brief reprieve and top off, then get back to the back lines.
  6. @yianni I don't think I gave you permission to use my likeness in this post. You'll be hearing from my lawyers.
  7. +1, F What ever incentives PvP in this PvP game, because right now the circle standing / running simulator isn't great.
  8. Pretty please? I didn't know how much I'd miss it till it was gone.
  9. In a sea of negative posts this was a breath of fresh air. See you on the field.
  10. Following up from our discord conversation and putting in my official application to join Winterblades
  11. In Game Player Name: Darthbunbun Times your primarily available (Include Timezone): USA West Coast GMT-7 What 'role' do you want to play in game?: I'm open to fill where needed, but I'm a melee fighter and I'm currently playing on an Assassin.
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