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  1. It is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything. If you ever need to laugh or just get tired of taking work life so serious, read the books.
  2. So disappointed this isn't 42.
  3. Edited: You already tried my solution to reposition windows.
  4. Be warned it's a great game but it's early development pre-alpha NOT ready for typical, released play. The future builds adding content, abilities, and features are going to be awesome.
  5. Boom! Welcome! So many good questions! I'm relatively new myself, but have absorbed a good bit so I'l try to answer what I know*. (Devs/vet players - Feel free to correct me if I am wrong on any point.) EK: Eternal Kingdoms are player run areas, belonging to a player. These are persistent worlds that can/will have ability to be upgraded with guild/player made items such as better parcels, buildings, vendors and such. The rules for each EK are set by the player who owns that EK: such as building, placing, and I believe I saw a switch for PVP (but I could be wrong). The owner player (and those with proper admin rights) can make changes to these settings. The player who owns the EK will always be the owner. Campaigns: Great places with differing rulesets for PVP, gather high end materials, and conquer with differing rewards (all based on the campaign ruleset). Pretty much these are where players will spend most time fighting, establishing control, and gathering the rare/high end mats. Your last question sums it up nicely. Rule from an EK, venture into campaigns to establish dominance and control of resources. Does this help or answer your questions? *edit: not all the controls and admin settings implemented yet.
  6. What specifically are you seeing? Is it a log in screen, black screen, generic patch notes, etc.? edit: Have you set up the 2 factor authorization?
  7. I had the same thing happen to me when I first (read: 5x) played the druid. I had some essence burn kill meh before I realized what it was.
  8. Boom! Greetings Alty! I am interested in discussing guild goals and future plans with you. Hit me up! In Game Player Name: Mazaroth Times your primarily available (Include Timezone): Flexible - mostly evening PST What 'role' do you want to play in game?: Harvest Leader, 2-3 Crafting Master, Merchant, with side of some PvP.
  9. Boom! Greetings! I'd like to to talk to someone about your guild, ask seemingly uninteresting questions, and then discuss the free t-shirt for joining up. I hear you have an Ellie that keeps fanboys discussing whether she means stiletto shoes or knives, a shady past that may or may not involve political power plays and betrayal, various guild changes and name alias', and a future so bright, we'll all have to craft legendary shades with <NYI> protection bonus (well, that is provided you have me of course ). Have your people call my people. Ciao!
  10. Mazaroth


    Boom! Hello All! I'm super excited to join this fantastic community and help make Crowfall the game I've been looking for since SWG. I'm looking forward to testing the harvesting (really want to test the leadership skill trees!) and why can't I do ALL the crafting skill lines. I'm off to find guild recruitment thread. Ciao!
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