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  1. aree

    A race idea.

    Well if you think about some of the unarmed styles the long arms and sharp punched would make them hit like blunted lances while the legs... how many can you bowl over!? pops into my head. Edit: Someone liked, the only way I found it, since I didn't get a message telling me they moved it into off topic from suggestions and it IS a suggestion.
  2. aree

    A race idea.

    A anthro version of the giraffe, not the four legged version.
  3. aree

    A race idea.

    Just a random thought. See common and not so common. Centaurs? Awesome. So an idea popped into my head. Maybe silly, maybe awesome. Unarmed Combat Giraffes.
  4. *kicks the Quote button* Stupid thing. @vandarr Tried for a long time already. Back when my ability to respond quickly was decent. My ability to pvp is variable. most of the time meh. Sometimes absolutely sucky. Then once in a blue moon my brain would work properly and I ruled over all. The moon hasn't shined in over 5 years.
  5. *pulls out a sack of marshmellows* Let 'er rip.
  6. You give me hope. I'm not a pvp person, my ability to think on the spot being rather limited, so pve gets boring when the storyline ends unless the game has something in the game I can sink my teeth into. For some it's PVP, others it's Crafting. For me, it's raising combat pets.
  7. Will there be combat oriented pets or companions that you can fight with? If yes.. Will they be cardboard? One just like the next, barring cosmetics. Will they be in depth. Active and Passive skills that you can purchase with a certain max limit that disallows maxing everything allowing 5 Dog types to run into battle with differing combat skills, strengths and defenses.
  8. You might not want to forget sheer mass. Imagine being hit by a shield charge with 1/2 ton of muscle behind it. ... Bowling for Gnombs! The new sport of Centars.
  9. You could have it where the blademge specilizes in weaknesses. If there is an elemental balance system the blademage could be one who casts spells that turns the physical damage/defense of weapon and armor into pure elemental. Fighting a normal critter? Goes in sword swinging. Jump, say, a fire elemental. Enchant water/ice into the blade and fire into his armor to increase/reduce damage. If light and darkness were involved poison and purity, dot and anti undead/ghost.
  10. As a pet fiend I hope they give a bit of depth for personal customization. I don't want 5 pet users side by side with 5 wolfs with the exact same stats and skills. Through training directly to learn active and passive skills or upon capture a bit of roll the dice which skills the critter comes with. If a pet class were to start with like 1 of 3/5 pet choices I would love to see a box rattle around and out spills your pet with it's own skills and stats. You wouldn't even have to know at the start what they all were, needing battle experiance for the critter to figure out how to use it or just build up muscle/speed or wit. But that's just a few ideas from a pet fiend.
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