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    Solenicus got a reaction from Str33tCha0s in Showcase your guild!   
    Actually cashed out so no point in discussing anything anymore. This is basically COE or Wildstar online.
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    Solenicus got a reaction from Str33tCha0s in Showcase your guild!   
    Just got into Crowfall, our guild is a couple years old. I'll see what we can do. (:
    Not a lot of content in game right now but, I've enjoyed streaming 5.5 for guildies to get them hyped for launch this year. We'll do a promo video leading up to CF though Pann and link our website and other good stuff that is required.

    Edit: Also as a group that just got into the game a week or two ago, I fully agree with Pope. I do feel like I blew 200$ on this, there is no guild system and things aren't clearly explained at all. A lot of the content you really, really have to dig for just to see the current state of the game. In-fact, the "What is Crowfall," really doesn't even explain what the game is to be honest.
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    Solenicus got a reaction from CrusaderW in Showcase your guild!   
    Actually cashed out so no point in discussing anything anymore. This is basically COE or Wildstar online.
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    Solenicus reacted to PopeUrban in Showcase your guild!   
    Perhaps you should wait before using features that don't exist ingame as a showcase. We're not doing a recruiting video because there aren't any operable guild systems ingame yet, no guilds colors or crests or guild tags to feature in said video ingame yet, no guild EKs yet, no guild-held campaign structures yet. It seems at the very least premature to launch this feature. Our guild EK requires me to idle online and goes down when patches are released. Our guild bank currently consists of at-cost vendors. We have no ingame guild tags, crests, or colors. We still have to trade/export/import materials between individual guild member EKs just to stock said not-a-guild-bank.
    New players have been telling you constantly that the public facing section of the crowfall website doesn't accurately represent the current state of the game and feels like false advertising. I know this isn't the intent but it is the effect. Races and classes that don't exist ingame are on the front page alongside those that do with no indication that they are unplayable. Guilds are given a presence and appearance on the frontpage that is larger than many games where they aren't actually functional ingame in any way whatsoever.
    I don't think it is a good idea to make this problem worse. Wait until guilds actually exist as a functional ingame entity before attempting to use the importance of guilds as a highlight feature. Might even be a good idea to wait until there are actual GvG campaigns and hierarchies to do so. A large portion of your guilds are currently understaffed or simply not represented because of the current state of play. While groups of players are currently useful, guilds as discrete entities are currently indistinguishable from temporary player groups. A "guild showcase" is just going to make the divide between the public first impression of the game and the current state of play worse.
    Edit: To clarify, I am not submitting because I agree with the new player assessment that the game's front page feels misleading, there isn't anything ingame that would make an interesting recruiting video, we don't even know if our crest is final due to possible future additions to the crest designer and I don't want to spend the time on said video that I'll just have to remake later, and I don't want to contribute to this problem. I and my guild are happily testing daily and playing together and we understand that rome wasn't built in a day, but this contest feels wildly premature and I wouldn't feel good about perpetuating it. That's why our only current recruiting efforts are here on the boards and ingame among players who have already opted to test in the current environment.
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