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  1. Pig at 2513, 1229 balance temple corpse always seems to warp to spawn location on death and be unlootable.
  2. Ditto my fearless leader. Is this an opportunity to do a little pre-First Campaign(tm) farming in the first campaign?
  3. Sac items are giving 1 less XP than they say. Getting 39 for 40 point sac items. Malekai's Invocation fills the bar up 499 but says 500 in the list of sac items. 40 point items show 39 and fill the bar 39
  4. Having to select "Campaign" or "EK" before being able to train skills is a bit unintuitive When crafting recipes that take weapons, the icon slot is smaller than the weapon icon Encountered a lot of floating nodes, possibly all mushrooms? 1364, 2904 in Chaos Beachhead, for example Sometimes when harvesting on top of "rocks" (non-harvestable ones) the materials would fall through the world and be unreclaimable Recall cooldown doesn't always trigger. Possibly resets when zoning (per some other reported issues) After killing an enemy, you have to completely look away from them and mouse-over again to get the loot dialog Past the tutorial section, I couldn't find any fires that were valid for cooking? Nor did I find how to make a campfire. Outpost and fort fires both didn't allow it Also (like other reports) came upon an outpost that was continually shooting at and killing mobs spawning next to it. It was also unclaimed, and I was able to claim by standing and watching the guard kill wolves. Not sure if unclaimed outposts are intended to be claimed this way
  5. I've been rolling with these guys for 10 years now. It's such a wonderful group that's stayed together from game to game. It's laid back, it's a good time, and it's friends you'll have for life. If that's what you value most, this is your spot.
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