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  1. Kaoz


    One thing you should know, when you get so far into the combat skill tree, you have to make decisions. Eventually you will have to decide the specific armor you want to train up, such as leather, mail, or plate. You will also have to decide whether to train into range or melee and then from there 1h melee, great melee or 1h range and great range. Of course eventually with enough time, you will be able to fill up all of those skill trees. As for your question on being alt friendly, it is to an extent. You can still play all the classes. You just wont be as strong if you're training into plate/great melee, and you want to play a leather confessor.
  2. Since there is no general chat in game anymore, figured id try my luck on the forums. Willing to pay in gold, ore, dust, chaos embers, even ambrosia or minerals. Let me know if u got any.
  3. Also all the discs i had on that wasnt working got duped and put in my inventory after relogging.
  4. After dying and respawning, my discs didnt work. Also i would harvest dust and pick it up but it wouldnt be in my inventory. Relogging fixed it i think.
  5. Actually soil is the fastest way to level now. 15 wood, 15 stone, 15 ore. 900xp. Also you can get all that from farming zombies and buying off vendors.
  6. Tbh, the only reason i don't play leather wearing specs is due to the high cost of making a leather set. It's so much easier to make a mail or plate set. When leather is balanced more in terms of cost, then i will def play leather wearers. Despite any of the problems mentioned in this thread.
  7. In the next patch they are lowering the power of advanced weapons so that people dont feel like they have to be in advanced to compete. The other reason they are doing this is because runic weapons will be in the game and that will be above advanced. Everyone has to go to pvp zones and risk getting ganked to gather mats. The game will be no different in alpha, beta or release. It is a pvp game and ganking gatherers is a strategy and part of the game. The game is meant to play in groups but you can easily play solo. I played solo for over a year and just recently joined a guild, but i had no trouble playing solo. Anyone can manage to gather enough mats for advanced gear in 1 day as long as its spring. The whole group play is meant to be like this, Gatherers provide mats for crafters, crafters provide gear for pvpers, pvpers provide protection for gatherers. As i said earlier, everyone has to go through the same process as you. You eventually learn to be more cautious while gathering and when to bank as to not lose as much mats. Also if it is that big of a problem for you, you could always gather as a stealth class so that you are a lot more safe. The game has a steep learning curve and the new player experience is not there atm. If there is anything i can do to help let me know. im on na balance and i also stream to help new players learn. Hope you figure out the best way for you though.
  8. I agree that in most cases stuff like that and stream sniping is frowned upon but i have no right to be upset about it because i sign up for those interactions as soon as a stream a game. I can take preventative measures to avoid that such as delay, covering map and location, etc, however then it will be harder for me to help new players and that's my main goal as of right now.
  9. Terrible fps drops out of the blue while in a party. A party of 2 or 3 and we were fine but a party of 5 or 6 would from my fps down to 10. Im not sure if it was from specific spells from specific classes or not though. All i know is we had 5 or 6 and went to a fort and it was a slide show. Back in 5.5 and 5.6 i never had lag in groups or even in 20 vs 20 team fights. The duelist's combo finisher stun ability also doesn't always stun the target. Tested it multiple times. Not sure the reasoning and i dont know the ability name off the top of my head. There should be a tooltip within the confessor talent that increases the range of their abilities. If you go tank fessor and have the 5 m range and earlier you took the talent that increases range, then the 5 m range talent overpowers the other. I am sure that is intended but people might waste 3 talent points on that early on and would have to make a new character and level them to 30 to get those back.
  10. Yeah i think once the game comes out, then you will have to have like a stream delay or something and cover map etc. For now i dont mind it and i wont do anything to hinder my faction or guilds plans of strategy. As for the stream sniper, I don't want to stoop to his level nor do i want a witch hunt. He isn't the first on this game and wont be the last. He is however the only one i've seen who waits for me to be in a menu or no health from mobs, then ganks me and death shroud camps. However he has yet to beat me in a fair fight so that's good enough for me. Id rather just keep this post positive and about helping new players with my stream though.
  11. Yeah there is 1 player who stream snipes all the time but i aint worried about it. Dealt with stream snipers for years.
  12. Hello, my name is Kaoz aka The Applejack Bandit. I have streamed this game on and off since around 5.5 but i have never posted my stream on the forums. I have been seeing a lot of new players asking questions in general chat and i always try to help them in anyway i can. I am no where near a master of the game nor am i the best player in the game. However i do know a lot about the game and understand enough to be able to help new players. If you are new or just looking to chill in a stream and want to chat, then stop by at https://www.twitch.tv/korpze777 . I will be streaming most days but i cant stream 12 hours straight like i use to do, due to health problems. Feel free to stop by and ask questions if you are new or if you need any help at all. I believe in trying to make the community a more positive experience (not that the community is toxic or anything.). The way i see it is if we help the new players, then they will want to stay which in turn will grow the community. I feel like it is our job as players to help with the new player experience and to help keep people playing the game. Yes this is a competitive game but its still pre-alpha. So if we reinforce positivity and help to grow this wonderful community, then there will constantly be more people on and there will be word of mouth about how amazing this game is. So feel free to stop by whether you're new and have questions or just want to support one of the games streamers. Hope to see you all soon!
  13. I did and there was nothing there showing that much damage. At most it added up to 1k - 1.5k
  14. Not sure if this is the infamous fall damage bug being back and me just tripping over a rock or if something else. I think it has something to do with using Vengeance and the blood price passive from blade master. i had this happen 3 separate times while streaming. This is the only one i clipped but can find the others if needed. You can see right when Vengeance ends that i get 1 shot. Also was using Burning hatred as a passive too. I tried to recreate the bug without Blood price and it wouldn't happen. Could be fall damage coincidence or maybe something is going on with a combo of the above stuff. Anyway here's the clip. Sorry for the format of the post. https://clips.twitch.tv/LazyCallousPuffinPrimeMe
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