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  1. To be fair, i wasnt being a jerk or intending on being a jerk in anyway. Intent just got lost through text.
  2. I'm not going to argue with you, undertone negativity can easily come across over text. You should go check out some crafting videos though. I realize that it might not be your thing but maybe you can compare it to other games. I have never played rift and couldnt get into bdo. Albion and wow have very simple crafting systems imo. I played archage unchained a little but couldnt get into it as well. I never said that i enjoy escort missions but i do enjoy the pvp that can happen around them btw. And the video thing i mentioned was more of a running joke within the community about some people only making gank videos. Good news is that if you hate crafting then you can join a guild who will craft for you but if you look into the real crafting and enjoy it then thats great as well. Either way gl and if you need any help in game when the big patch hits sometime this month, then let me know. I am taking a break until then. Also you can feel free to message me directly on here if you need any help or have any questions
  3. Bro there is no need to be hostile. Nothing i said is unreal af. I have played this game for years and know from experience. You have also not actually done any real crafting. The only crafting you have done is probably basic items or bandages from the crafting menu. All real crafting requires crafting tables and large amounts of mats, each of which can change the outcome of stats depending on the mats used. The small scale pvp you talk about is usually what happens on "escort missions". You are being very ignorant and toxic for no reason. Actually take the time to see what the crafting system is like before you start telling me i know nothing about mmos and have never played many. I was never being a jerk towards you in my previous post, only a realistic suggestion about doing research before buying a game in alpha or early access, that way you can save money if it isn't what you thought it was.
  4. If you love pvp then you would love "escort missions" as thats where a lot of pvp happens. People solo farm alone most of the time anyway unless its just a guild deciding to gather for guild stuff. I enjoy the game as it is and if it doesnt go down the complete idea of the circle of life between pvp, harvesters, and crafters, then it wont bother me. I love the pvp in this game and i love the crafting because it is the most complex and fun crafting i have ever seen in a game. Next time i suggest doing some research other than hours of youtube videos where people are probably just ganking new players and calling it skill. Ask questions or go through forums so that you have an understanding of a game before buying it.
  5. I believe they already stated that there will be only specific spots to build and nothing like Ark survival evolved for example where you can build anywhere.
  6. If you truly did hours of research then you would know that they have planned for the game to have crafting/harvest/pvp to all be very important. They have stated the idea is for pvpers to protect harvesters, for harvesters to provide for crafters, and for crafters to provide for pvpers, and the loop continues. However it isnt even that strict since most anyone can harvest as well as be a pvper. They added leveling so that they could have a talent system and for new players to be able to learn their abilities as they level instead of just jumping in and having all abilities and being overwhelmed.
  7. You would be surprised at the amount of companies who don't give any kind of reward for their beta and alpha testers. Really nice to receive a reward for testing.
  8. There was a friends list in the game before. I remember it in 5.5 and 5.6. It was very poorly made socksty at the time and no one used it. Most of your suggestions so far seem to be stuff they are already implementing in next patch or have talked about implementing in Q & As. I dont remember if they said they were bringing back the friendslist but im sure they will.
  9. Salvaging is the answer to your first question and white resources are useless unless its after a wipe or if you're just wanting to test out a new class real quick. So vendors selling common ore or wood, doesn't really matter.
  10. Also unless they changed it, you can write on parchment and leave notes. use to do it all the time in peoples bodies.
  11. For me at first it was the theory crafting and builds you can do. Customizing your characters stats the way you want it. Then i fell in love with crafting and how addicting it can be. But overall the pvp is what always keeps me coming back. I always try to find a good pvp mmo and its either poorly made socksty wow arenas or this and i love the pvp in this game so.
  12. I am just going off of the last info i heard about it which is a while ago so i could be wrong. Hadn't heard that they are totally going away with it. Makes more sense for vessels to have durability in order to keep necromancy market as alive as other crafting markets.
  13. Also just to add at what arkade said, if you're into different cosmetic gear, then they will eventually allow us to customize the cosmetics of our crafted gear as well.
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