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  1. I love graphs! Would you mind linking your spreadsheet so we can see the raw data you used to make this. Very nice. Edit: I do think the OP makes some good points.
  2. I believe there was a certain threshold to qualify for beta 1. I don't recall what the threshold was ($70 maybe?) Not 100% sure where the beta 1 access starts. Edit: I'm looking at the current CF store and even the lowest package offers access so I'm not sure why it shows you at 9. Hmm. I would send an email to support@crowfall.com and see what they say.
  3. Your points are valid, but I'd like to offer a different twist here. First of all, the game has not had any NDA from the beginning. Videos have been posted, gameplay has been streamed with the game in a much more unfinished state than we have now. Summit may have noticed a video about Crowfall and looked at it and it's possible that the word "beta" got their attention, but it's not like things haven't out there the whole time. Had everything been hush hush and then suddenly "BOOM HERE IS CROWFALL FOR THE WORLD TO SEE" I would completely agree with you. Was beta marketing? Possibly. We've seen big pushes of players with every round of invites. This may have been the largest (not sure, I haven't checked) but the risk of bad first impressions has been there from the beginning. Whether it's a good idea or bad, this particular push fits with ACE's process all along. What it sounds like to me is that you're not sure the game should have had public access without being more polished. If that's the case, this is a fair argument. However, from the beginning ACE has made the decision to let the entire process be out there for folks to see.
  4. I'm going out on a limb here, but I'm wagering that it's the quickest/most efficient way for ACE to get us the client. Super small studio. I haven't run into any trouble with it, but I suppose if someone has issues extracting the files for some reason it could be annoying.
  5. Wishing you all the best and may the right door open for you when you're ready.
  6. Ok, getting my abacus and star charts out to decipher the hidden beta start date somewhere in that letter. *deciphering intensifies* IRL, exciting news. Has to be a relief knowing the funding is there to finish the game right.
  7. It's good to be liked (just got this in the mail @Noc.!)
  8. I plan on streaming this also at twitch.tv/arawulftv (assuming I get a spot)
  9. I'm so sorry to hear about this. My condolences to all of his friends and family.
  10. In a day when most games that claim to be "alpha" are just high-dollar play-first schemes, what you're experiencing right now is not actually Crowfall. You're playing a test campaign in a true pre-alpha. There is no glory to be gained, purpose to push for - it's just testing right now. You don't have the hardcore gatherers and crafters risking life-and-limb to go to the far-reaches of the world to get the best materials or the assassins stalking to kill said gatherers and crafters to loot their stuff either (well there is a hint of this, but it's relatively uncommon). There is no risk or reward right now because stuff is wiped regularly AND a good portion of what will bring danger into the world isn't even in yet (i.e., seasons). Safe zone harvesting-only is not intended to replace the risk vs reward that we'll see in the final product nor is this test campaign intended to represent the full-game that was promised in the kickstarter. It's easy to jump to conclusions, but in this case I would recommend patience. Just as when people saw Hungerdome and said, "oh, Crowfall is a battle royale" or a MOBA, it's understandable that someone would look at this current test campaign and confuse it for the final product.
  11. Important update to the original post added. Life doesn't get any better than this.
  12. Lyrics: You just finished posting seven paragraphs of your detailed thoughts and nobody responds. And when all seems lost, something special happens... V. 1 My dog just ran away My roof leaks in the rain My kids took all my money My wife won’t call me honey I post my thoughts online And I hear every time Cho 1: Nobody likes you Nobody likes you Nobody likes you No matter what V. 2: I know I’m usually wrong But I had to write this song Just give my post some time You’ll see that I ‘aint lyin You may be laughing now But look it’s there right now Cho. 2: James Goblin likes me James Goblin likes me James Goblin likes me No matter what He liked my poooooooost He really, really, liked my pooowooowoost He really, really, really liked my post Thank you The cover art for the Soundcloud image was from Noc's Crowfall merch store here . Update:
  13. This the greatest compliment I've ever been given. I shall cherish this always. They did play the greatest song in the world, after all. It didn't sound like this song though.
  14. I re-recorded this yesterday since the original link/audio was lost. Soundcloud has a download link.
  15. Monetization is such a powder keg these days. PTW is such an objective term since a "win" has countless definitions. Here's the thing: cosmetics only in Crowfall won't be enough to justify a VIP. There must be some convenience built in to justify the cost. Games w/ cosmetic only generally don't have a monthly cost, but rather a cash shop w/ a special currency. VIP in Crowfall has been described to borrow from the Eve Online PLEX system - where the item is a tradeable commodity in the game world. There will always be people that will call this PTW (whatever that means). People who demand cosmetics only - well, there are others that call that a cash grab too (see GW2)! As ACE has said from the beginning, there is only one thing that everybody believes about monetization - everybody hates it. The truth is that for ACE to be a sustainable company AND for Crowfall to be a sustainable game, they must develop a VIP that is fair enough to not significantly affect gameplay but attractive enough that a critical mass will buy it.
  16. As others have mentioned, optimization is something that hasn't been done yet (I know, always the pre-alpha/alpha/beta excuse). The additional point I'd like to make, alongside of others here, is something that I would ordinarily blow off and it's the experience and expertise of this specific dev team. When you look at the games that his team has built, I can't imagine that they would build their game on an engine they could never make work. Personally, I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt. I've always loved the concept and vision of Crowfall, but they wouldn't have seen a dime of my money if it weren't for the team making it. I would have waited until launch to buy in. I'm not saying there isn't room for questioning or that your concerns are invalid, I'm just sharing with you my personal perspective on this issue.
  17. Anhrez tweeted out a jokingly bad example of a necromancy fail: a terrifying mix of a guinecian and a centaur Allison Theus then answers with this terrifyingly epic masterpiece:
  18. The indegogo vid explains it more (which is what these outtakes are from I believe)
  19. Looted him in the Hunger Dome once. Was not disappointed.
  20. I've been playing video games since 1979. Gordon's story is literally a behind-the-scenes of my favorite childhood hobby. I went from copying basic code from Compute magazine to writing my own Star Trek game when I was about 12. I got stuck trying to figure out how to make projectiles collide with targets, got frustrated and quit. I learned the guitar instead. There is a unique determination that game developers have that I've always found to be somewhat heroic. Man, after watching part 1 of this, I'm remembering all kinds of gaming experiences that I had forgotten from the '80's w/ my Commodore Vic20, Commodore 64 and TI-99/4A. Can't wait to see part 2!
  21. Click your profile at the top of right side. Click “Backed Projects” to see your pledge for Crowfall. 2. Click the “+” button with blue circle. When the info shows up, your backer number will show at the bottom. Edit: Jah beat me to it.
  22. Although this is a purely speculative topic, I thought it might be helpful to offer a couple of thoughts on the future population of Crowfall, and what it may mean for it's success and/or struggle. Crowfall and ArtCraft are prepared for the game to be populated by a smaller, niche audience. In fact, the game is intentionally being developed for a small niche audience. By that I mean that Crowfall is not designed to be a mass market MMO (if there is such a thing anymore). What that means is that there is a recognition that this particular genre won't appeal to the mainstream gaming media. Success or failure of Crowfall will have nothing to do with where the game ranks on Twitch, Raptr or any other measurements that are generally used to measure. The ultimate question isn't where Crowfall will rank in population vs. other MMO's. The bigger question is this: can Crowfall be profitable with it's current vision and course/speed. That's the bet and risk. As long as the game remains profitable and can continue development - that's the population this game will hopefully have. Here's where my personal bias comes in: I do not predict Crowfall to be adopted as the ultimate MMO and begin to see millions of players flock onto the severs. What I do expect is that the game that Todd and Gordon pitched is the game they will make because it's game that's built for those of us who have been dying to have a game like this. I don't want another mass market MMO - it already exists. Thankfully, ACE has been crystal clear that they are going to make Crowfall not another rehash of a game we've already played. Will this mean that the game may not appeal to as many people? Yes and I'm glad that's the case.
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