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    Arawulf got a reaction from courant101 in Xcomvic   
    First of all, thank you for your service to our country! Second, best of luck w/ the career pursuit of game development! 
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    Arawulf reacted to xcomvic in Xcomvic   
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    Arawulf reacted to bain in Greetings!   
    I'm happy for you to have turned your hobby into a career, and +1 for Warhammer Online. I miss that game. 
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    Arawulf reacted to jtoddcoleman in 01/22/15 - The Crowfall Universe, Economy/crafting & Raph Koster!   
    1. I think "cautious optimism" is the *perfect* way to approach Crowfall.  Thank you, and I sincerely hope we exceed your expectations.
    2. We'll be posting some high level information about resources and territorial conquest in one of our updates next week.  You'll definitely want to come back and read that, because it ties directly into your comments about harvesting/gathering.
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    Arawulf got a reaction from StormShadow in 01/22/15 - The Crowfall Universe, Economy/crafting & Raph Koster!   
    Ok, this is some of the stuff I've been waiting for. I have tons more questions but I suppose they will be addressed as more reveals come out. Glad to see Raph Koster's involvement here as well!
    Marrying robust crafting and territorial conquest is certainly going to be a challenge because, yes - those systems often work opposed to one another. People that enjoy spending hours upon hours crafting aren't always the people who will tolerate packs of roaming gankers outside the gates. Balancing the game to appeal to both player types will be tough. If the team can figure it out, this game will be amazing.
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    Arawulf reacted to Namaslay in Arawulf Checking In!   
    Mike! Mike! Mike! Guess what day it is...! Do you hear this a lot? Glad to see you here. Maybe we will see a cast from you for Crowfall?
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    Arawulf got a reaction from Savvy in Arawulf Checking In!   
    Hi everyone! My name is Mike. It's exciting to see a fan community beginning to grow for Crowfall.   
    I've been gaming since about 1979 and love MMORPG's. I'm a blogger and podcaster and I'm currently working on a collaboration with some MMO vets for a new podcast (coming soon).  
    I'm also a dad of three gamers (16, 14 and 10) and my wife is a Smite addict. Gaming is a family thing in our house!  
    I'm also an occasional guest writer at MMORPG.com.  
    Some people may know me from my most recent projects as owner/admin wildstarfans.net and hosting the Planet Nexus Cast.  
    I look forward to getting to know more of you and hope to see you in game in the near future!  
    Feel free to follow me on Twitter or Twitch .   
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    Arawulf reacted to jtoddcoleman in Welcome!   
    Hey gang,
    ...so if you are reading this, you're one of the first ones to find us.  Cool.  
    The next few months are going to be quite an adventure.  For us, for you, for Crowfall.
    The beginning of a new MMO project is always a rollercoaster of emotions: excitement, fear, elation, anxiety.  It's also a test of patience and humility. 
    Usually, you guys don't see this part.  We (game developers) try to hide from you.  We scurry back into our caves like Oompah Loompahs.  Why?  
    - It sucks when you make a mistake, and you know it
    - It sucks even worse when people point it out to you, even (especially?) on the internet
    - Game developers make a lot of mistakes
      ...but you know what?  Who cares.  We're still going to make those mistakes, and when we do, we'll fix them and move on.
    Because letting you in early gives us an amazing benefit: you get to help shape the game we're making.  It's like we're crowd-sourcing our design!  You can help us figure out those mistakes early, and often.  You can help us find the best way to fix them.
    We're taking a different approach with this game, and I strongly believe it is the right one. We're going to include you guys from the beginning, so that its your game -- as much as it is ours.
    It's a cool thing, seeing the "miracle of birth" that happens whenever an MMO goes from concept, to launch, to live.  It's also kind of gross and messy and painful and, truthfully, not for those with a weak stomach.
    (Hmmm.  Think I picked the wrong analogy.  Let's try again.)
    It's a cool thing, seeing a new building start to take shape.   I have to apologize for the dust everywhere and the smell of wet paint... it happens, when you visit a project under construction.
    You want to help?  Great!  Here's how you can:
    First, we've prepared a stream of updates for you.  We've made some headway, to lay the foundation for what this game is going to be.  We'll be dropping these elements continually over the next few months to show you the direction we're heading. We need your thoughts -- tell us what you think is cool, what you think is lame, and what doesn't make any sense at all.
    Second, we need your ideas!  This is a discussion, not a sermon.  We're building this game for you.  Without a passionate audience, no MMO can survive.  Jump into the discussion, let us know your opinions.  We made not always agree, but you won't have a voice at the table unless you speak up.
    Lastly, we need to find more people like you.  Like us.  
    This vision isn't for everyone.  If you read that manifesto, we've made it pretty clear:
    If you're looking for a game designed for "everyone", this isn't it.
    For this game to be successful, we don't need everyone.  We do need you, though, and more people like you.  If we can attract a small, loyal following that thinks like we do -- that wants to see this vision come to life -- that'll be enough. 
    Please help us get the word out.  Eagles don't flock.  We're going to have to build this community player by player, one at a time.
    That's it for now.  Sorry again for the construction plastic all over the floor.  
    Now, pick up a hammer.  Let's build this thing together.
    J Todd Coleman
    (yeah, good call on the analogy.)
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    Arawulf reacted to jtoddcoleman in 01/20/15 - Character Creation Preview: Runes Runes Runes   
    01/20/15 - Character Creation Preview: Runes Runes Runes


    Hey folks,

    It's that time again!
    On the menu today we are serving:
    - The fourth installment in the "Banner Concepts" series. The inclusion of this scene is probably not huge surprise to anyone -- it's basically a "reverse shot" (and a prequel, I suppose) to the "Ramparts" image that we dropped last week. Internally, we refer to this image as the "Calling the Banners" image, for obvious reasons.

    - Next up is an example Fealty Chart.  This isn't a guild org chart -- we support guilds (and guild structures) but we've laid a different system on top of that, which ties player fealty directly to land ownership.   More on that system, and how it ties to siege conquest, will be coming soon. 

    - Lastly, presenting the 2/2 page of character creation -- in which a few more questions are answered.  In this one, you get a glimpse of the "Advantages" and "Disadvantages" system (which SB players will recognize as a direct descendent of the talents and traits system, only with more customization.)  As an interesting side note, we're actually in the process of going over these two pages (again!) right now, looking for ways to further streamline the interface.  Next time you see these screens, we'll likely have split it into 3 pages (to split appearance customization out as a separate step.)

    Hope you enjoy this update, and stay tuned -- we have a more substantial update coming later this week.
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