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  1. Great, few days ago I didn't have access to TEST. Now I'm off to test some more and provide feedback. Cheers!
  2. Thanks I'll do that, my point was from the perspective of us players. It would be great if the list was known so we don't spend too much time submitting bugs you are already aware of. That being said, I prefer to lose time on my side than make you lose yours Is there something I can do to be invited to test servers? I'm willing to provide extensive feedback on different areas of user experience and gameplay.
  3. Currently I am unable to find a comprehensive list of already submitted bugs so I don't spend time trying to find steps to reproduce it and potential workarounds. I also don't know when and how it will be fixed and how to provide feedback and check for regressions once deployed. I feel very useless and helpless in the current setup. If you can shed some light on how I should proceed that would be helpful.
  4. The idea is not to replace their existing internal tool but to make a bridge with the community in another simpler and user friendly tool. Users of a given system usually can and are willing to provide better feedback then developers with regards to user experience. They don't need to know how to develop, using the system is enough to provide useful feedback. Of course we should have faith in developers' ability to produce quality code, and I certainly do, but players definitely are more apt to highlight issues and missing features as they spend more time playing then developers. Also, we should not underestimate the intelligence of the masses. I agree that Trello is probably not the most appropriate tool as it is very bad at managing long lists. Other simple tools exists and should be leveraged, at least we could try and see how it goes.
  5. Hi, I'm fairly new to this game and of course experienced a lot of bugs and missing features which I expected at this stage of development. I also expected to find a bug tracker allowing us to open tickets and track progress. It seems that currently everyone just write bugs in forum posts and no one knows which bug is already submitted and when and if the team is aware of it and so on (if I'm mistaken please correct me). It seems that the result is a disconnection between players and development team. I would like to suggest to put in place a tool for bug tracking with at least following features: Submit bugs tickets with screenshots/videos and steps to reproduce in a tested version Community vote on bugs and team works on most voted ones Visible backlog containing bug ordered by votes, only blocker bugs should be ordered higher Each ticket should contain planned version so community knows when the bug is expected to be fixed Everything above for change requests / new features I could even provide help for free and manage a tool of your choice if you want me to, as I believe adding visibility will greatly benefit everyone and reduce the frustration among players and fans. Thank you
  6. I did in both 5.5 and 5.6 subforums but everything is lumped together, feedback and bugs so I have no idea if devs are even aware. I cannot find a bug tracker to see which bugs are reported, which ones are being worked on, when they are going to test environment and so on. It would be so much better if we had a dedicated forum or system only for bugs with voting and browsing. JIRA for example or something similar. Current bug reporting is far from optimal and feel totally disorganized from my novice perspective.
  7. FYI, there is still a bug if you try to bind "D" to "MOVE BACK" even in 5.6.
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