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  1. The layers of the onion continue to be peeled back, and its glorious! Though the onion must be massive, like bigger than an EK. Nice job devs, keep it up!
  2. Just... LOL! Love the teams sense of humor.
  3. Can't wait to see the ranger in action. I like the concept of switching styles alot! Should lead to interesting situations when fighting with and against a ranger vessel.
  4. Excellent post, was very interesting to read based on what has come to be. I am still amazed how SB has shaped players, and designers, thoughts on what could be in the mmo space. Risk is necessary, specifically to change the path we are on with cookie cutter choices and everyone must win and be equal etc. Again, hats off on the post, and to the ladies and gents at ACE on the first of many Crowfall anniversaries!
  5. Great job, very cool to see the pipeline in demo. I am looking forward to what can be accomplished by the players with these tools to craft multiple worlds to visit. As a side note, I know there was a video talking about players arranging structures like Legos which the team could then use in campaigns, but now I wonder it there will be a potential for player designed campaign maps. Maybe for private wars etc. Would have to be no export probably but still could be interesting.
  6. I guess I just don't see all games with limited abilities to be a moba. Now as someone mentioned before, the ability to switch kits for a task makes alot of sense. I see a combatant thats squishy, then switch to DPS. If the combatant is armored, switch to a kit that debuffs etc. But limited skills doesn't by default make a game a moba, and as for the mouse, left for active swing and right for block/movement what ever doesn't mean point and click such as dota.
  7. I feel like more using more then 1-5 and the mouse is over kill when it comes to combat powers/skill. I hope there is a big pool to select from, but limit the number we can use to a large degree. Combat feeling fluid is more important then a ton of skills. Lots of skills seems to better fit tab target rather than twitchier combat. Just my 2 cents, apologies if anyone else said the same, as I didn't read every response.
  8. Might stone men with hammers... can't wait for testing of the forgemaster!
  9. Well, I hadn't thought of it in the sense of the "Disney World jerk charging for access". I was thinking more along the lines that we may be able to have resources growing in our EKs and if those EKs are open to visitors, like islands, there may be a reason to limit a visitors access and plundering. Also that some players might want to explore those lands even though the they are not permitted, thus allowing them to gain temporary access. This assumes that we will be able to set our "guards" to a KOS system etc. Anyhow, I didn't mean to incite, nor did I intend to suggest that Joe from Iow
  10. Thanks for the detail on skill, looking forward to testing it out.
  11. Well, a player with a dedicated crafting account or two could have an advantage over you, but the bigger issue as I see it is that anyone wanting to make a name for themselves as a merchant/crafter is at a major disadvantage to combatants. Which seems counter intuitive to the importance that has been given to player made items and the fact they decay.
  12. It would be awesome, if when our EK was open to the public to come and shop etc, we could limit there movements to specific areas. This could give way to selling permits to allow people to roam our lands, if they don't have a permit our guards etc would attack them on sight. The permits could expire, but this would allow players to create VIP markets and contest area. Just a thought, but seems like it would be fun.
  13. I am excited and scared after seeing this update. On the one hand the amount of skills is exciting in the same way Path of Exile's skill tree is exciting. But it also makes me think how long will it take to max out an archetype. Further I feel like we shouldn't have to pick between combat and crafting with our general skills. I would prefer being able to train 1 general combat, 1 crafting, 1 exploration, and 1 arch. I guess it will depend on the curve to max the skills. Also, are vessels intended to act as somewhat of a limiter to training in that it makes no sense to train a skill past wh
  14. Great update! So as I read it the simplest way for me to explain the skills accumulated by a Crow and used by a Vessel is this: My Crow (Account) has unlocked two weapon fighting, but the vessel I am using only has one arm and there for cannot use this skill. Does that sum it up lol?
  15. Good update! I like the look of the keep, and can't wait to see more. With that said, I hope all of the ACE team and their families as well as other Crows in Texas are safe and dry! Keep up the good work ladies and gents.
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