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  1. This thread was not supposed to be a wipe or no wipe thread. If you wipe people will complain. If you do not wipe people will complain. Guess what – players of MMORPGs complain….a lot actually. My point is if ACE is considering a wipe how about they do it like I suggest. Mandalore brings up some good points about harvesting though. So I will refine my suggestion: If ACE is going to wipe – give us all a ton of passive skill points to spend when we start. What I’m proposing would be a “diet wipe” or a “wipe lite”.
  2. What do I know!? I just play the game. Fine. How about just the passive skill points (we'll make is 500,000 for primary and 500,000 for secondary), no green vessels, but some amount of non-basic ore, hide, wood, and stone. How about that?
  3. Simple solution: Step 1: Wipe everything including inventory, equipped gear, spirit bank, vessels, and passive skills. Everything. Step 2: Give everyone 2,000,000 passive skill training points (yeah, you might have to increase the hard ceiling if there is one). This is broken down into one million for primary and one million for secondary skill. Step 3: Just like you gave us all testing copies of parcels and structures give us testing copies of: One green vessel for every race (allows folks to try out different ones) 100 green hide 100 green ore 100 green stone 100 green lumber (you can give equal amounts of different kinds like 20 iron, 20 tin, 20 copper, etc…) Step 4: Let everyone play at the same slightly advanced state This way everyone feels like they are starting at the same place yet people who have been playing for some time now have the experience to make better use of the head start. They know which passive skills to train, which talents to take, and what sequence of powers are best for their chosen race/class. There will always be (and should always be) an advantage for those who play more (play 2 win baby)! Done. PS: Oh, and don’t let us look at the map and faction points before selecting a faction. This keeps the moderate number of single/solo/no-alt players from all just joining the same faction on day 2 or 3.
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