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  1. Make sure to find a guild/group to play with. The game's quite difficult and not all that fun to play alone. Welcome!
  2. Not that my rig is insane, but its mid-high range of a year ago. Normally loading screens are a couple of seconds. Wouldn't surprise me if issues like these get more frequent the lower you go in terms of PC quality of course, but I doubt its the main cause.
  3. These last two patches I've had issues when switching zones. Either through recalling, or using the normal portals. Sometimes the loading screen will get stuck, as in, it will just stay on 'Waiting for avatar' and load into perpetuity. If it happens I have to close and restart the game, which is quite the annoyance during (siege) operations where quickly swapping zones is needed. So is anyone else experiencing similar issues to this? Have you found workarounds/fixes? I've done a full reinstall and am running the game from an SSD so I doubt that's the issue. If there's anything I can provide to help squash this issue I'd love to.
  4. Let's refrain from building walls and instead continue to smash each others virtual heads in for internet points.
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