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  1. I'm definitely looking forward to the wipe. I got started 1/2 way through 5.5, so my experience has been getting ganked while harvesting, realizing it'll be a while before I have the gear to compete, rinse and repeat.
  2. Greetings, I heard that there will be a full wipe (EK, Spirit Bank, Skills) on May 8th, which I could only assume would be part of the roll-out of 5.6. Can anyone confirm or deny this? Thanks! Justin
  3. I think he's got it! My Fair Lady Said by Professor Henry Higgins (played by Dominic West)
  4. Right. So for me, a solo harvester/crafter, it makes much more sense and would be a better use of my time to, as you said, stockpile greens and blues, and just make tons of bows out of common mats (trying to get that perfect combination of roles) while dumping skill training into the experimentation nodes of the crafting skills I'm trying to use. It all makes sense now! :-D
  5. ooooooooohhhhhhhh! Thank you for solving that mystery for me! :-D Much appreciated!
  6. Well, so the last remaining question then, is, why would I bother trying to get green and blue mats if they all have the same starting stats and the skills/experiment points/experiment success are really what make the difference?
  7. Okay, and I understand what you're saying, but then that means making great crafted goods boils down to having really good stat roles during experimentation and not necessarily the starting materials. What I noticed with the starting materials was that they have the same stats across common (white) and green. Exact same starting stats. I think that's what really confused me.
  8. Greetings all, As the title states, I'm a little confused about crafting. Let me give an explicit example. It was very clear from my pvp experience that defending one's self is all about the gear you have, so I went about the duty of trying to make a kickass bow for my ranger. I mined a bunch of green wood and ore, made note of the different stats the different types gave me and tried making a common bow, and then a "green" bow. The common bow used all common materials, and the "green" bow contained all green materials, except a blue metal bar and a common bowstring. The end result seemed to be that even though I went out of my way to harvest green resources to make a substantially better bow, the stats between the two were nearly identical. The "green" bow was only very slightly better. Now, I could try the same with blue materials, but the fact is, on Wrath, it's not terribly difficult to get blue ore with the rank7+ nodes, but there's only rank 5 tree nodes on the map, which makes getting blue wood nearly impossible. What am I missing here? Shouldn't a bow made of common materials be much worse than a bow made of green stuff? Is it even worth trying to get a bow made of blue stuff? Or am I completely off the mark and it's really about crafting skills and not necessarily the materials? Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks! Justin
  9. Ok guys. This wasn't a venting session on my part. I saw a problem, I offered a suggestion. You guys are dismissing my observations and I have no idea why. Like I said, I literally play all day, but whatever. There's an unfortunate trend on the forums, which thankfully is in stark contrast to the in-game community, in which folks offer ideas on the forums and the knee-jerk reaction is to immediately go NO YOU'RE WRONG instead of really listening to folks. So I'm out.
  10. Yes, as you said activity changes. Shortly after I posted, most of balance logged off and we got a few more players logging in on order. However, during the vast majority of the day (I have a cool job that lets me play this game all day) Balance completely dominated the map. We even utilized the lull in balance players, made a group and grabbed every single fort and keep on the map. Went to bed, woke up, Balance controls 100% again. It's very clearly and obviously unbalanced.
  11. That's not really true. You could collect statistics on "who's active" in each faction and base a system off of that information that locks out joining a particular faction if it's X% larger than the other factions. That would be a forced approach. Another approach would be something similar, but when you join an OP faction, a popup alert is shown saying (for example) "Chaos and Order really need your help right now! Consider joining one of these!" Why this would work, is that it seems that the reason why folks all piled in to Balance this round on US-Ea is because Order was OP the last round, so lots of folks decided to move to balance it out (thereby ironically creating a new inbalance lol). There are mathematical and technical solutions to just about any problem. It's just a question of time, resources and will. Well, yes, clearly I could use the import/export process, but the cap of 100 im/exports isn't enough to support this method through 2 weeks - let alone months - of gameplay. So I say this solution is a non-solution. Actually it's the total opposite. Having one faction being completely OP ruins the pvp experience, let alone the rest of the experience. Wanna craft? Too bad, no forts. Wanna harvest? Too bad, ganked instantly. Wanna pvp? Cool, good luck in a constant 1-v-4 scenario.
  12. You're right. After I posted this, I thought about it more and it is a bit too early.
  13. Greetings, There really needs to be a system to keep the populations of each faction balanced. I'll give you an example of why: After the April 12 reset, the vast majority of people moved over to the Balance faction on US-Ea. Now they have every fort and the keep, so it's impossible to say, craft armor and weapons to fight for those forts if you're in one of the other factions. We can sneak in and take a fort, but large groups of Balance players just come and take it back immediately. Thanks! Justin
  14. I've tried that, but for me it's still gone
  15. Greetings, I'd like to propose the idea that once you've learned some crafting recipes, you can see them all the time, you simply can't craft them unless you're at the appropriate station/table. I keep running into the scenario of "what do I need again?" while out harvesting. Also, there seems to be a bug where after you are killed in pvp, the pip hud in survival/harvesting mode is gone until you relog. Thanks! Justin
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