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  1. Take a breath and go outside bro. Crowfall should stayed balanced and opened to a larger audience too. Personnally i flee dark and sewers ambiences.
  2. I agree. Limiting the number of accounts is not a good solution. But a time based passive skill system is not fair enough. It brings multi-account automatic training. The character progression must be challenging. The character progression must be a big part of the game mechanics. Not a consumer feel mechanic. It should take challenge to build a character. Multi accounts people would need much more work and time to bring all their characters to high level. Some flexibility and refine system (just like in sb) could avoid some side effects of a challenging progression. Close to real experience mechanics. For cohesive and intuitive purposes, it must be linked to the real game experience. I can't understand why you should be able to reach the highest level in crafting for all your characters and accounts without making any crafted item. You should craft to improve your skills. You should block to improve your blocking skills. You should be using your sword to improve your sword skills. And so on... This close to real and challenging game experience is why blizzard is currently making wow classic. Bringing back some of the old school game experience. Today, playing game is like a consumer experience. Full accounts training, specs templates, full gear from guild... Where is the natural feel ? More control from the player to the character progression. If i have 1 week of holidays, i would like to push my character progression especially the passive system. Imagine i killed 1k mobs, made some intensive pvp. But a guy that started to play 1 week before me, even if he did nothing in the game, would be higher skilled than me. He just have to pick the right stuff the guild. Where the fun ? This seems to be a real issue especially on a competitive pvp game. All these suggestions are linked to the effort/reward system. This should be improved. Hope this help.
  3. I like these suggestions. It adds some cohesive and intuitive solutions to the game.
  4. Maybe a simple 'look for group' flag could be nice.
  5. The Bearborn seems a nice concept. It reminds me some of the wereform in shadowbane. Maybe we could develop this. I'm quite a fan of humanoid races, and i think it's a easier way to identify yourself as character. My first character in crowfall was a human, and i think i'm not alone. Honestly i'm not a big fan of 3 others. Having some weird untasteful character looking with dark, violent powers seems not appealing to me. It's just an opinion but building a game on wonderful and marvelous content seems much more pleasant. I think this could widder the game audience. Actually crowfall got a kind of artistic charm mood. Would not like this to break.
  6. Don't forget that manual trade is always possible. I already traded big amount of dusts or bones against some crafting service. What could be interesting is a maybe a dedicated trade channel for request crafting tools or advertising. So it would be possible to post such like 'Need an Epic AXE XXX Damage minimum. Will pay 5k gold or 1k Dust'. Or maybe a crafter could post the content of its shop by clicking once.
  7. There are a lot of good mechanics and ideas in crowfall, and the game is full of fun. But the time based passive tree is surely a bad design. When i started playing crowfall, i took 1 week of holidays. I said myself, let's have some time to explore the game. After two days, i felt frustated with the passive tree. It simply breaks the effort/reward balance. This complain will come back again and again on the forum. Some people play the game with 10 accounts. All these accounts train overtime. So where's the fun here ? If we train by playing, it would be more fair for everyone. Decisions mean nothing when you can have everything at the end with several accounts. The solution : make a real effort / reward balance. Make the game so multi-accounts gives no unfair advantage. Unless the game will played only by a small amount of hardcore nolife players. It seems to be a real issue that can completely break the game. I love the idea that decisions should have sense and let's hope that the catch up mechanics will bring more balance.
  8. Great & exciting system ! It solves the matter of item dependance for new players.
  9. Hey to the crowfall team, Before making some suggestions, I like some recent changes made to the game especially : - Faster swing animations on switching between combat, harvesting, range, sneak mode. Ty for that ! - The ability to sell items at shops. - The Talent tree system. - The cooking system adds some fun. - The graphics work of crowfall, i think that the graphic team found the nice balance between a cartoonish / realistic mood. - The Armor mod that went to a resist based instead of a health bonus system. These are some suggestions about : The talent tree : It would be fun to have a more cohesive design in the talent tree. At this time, we need to put a lot of points where we don't want, because of a very linear talent tree. But why? If you remember the sb system, you were increasing your main skill (for example, the beastcraft skill on a ranger) and that triggered the unlock of powers. So you could train the power you wanted https://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php?title=Ranger_Powers) (https://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php?title=Ranger). You didn't need to spend points where you didn't want. This was a strong & solid design system. The sb system allowed a lot of flexibility and customization deepness. The actual crowfall system gives the impression of an inferior design. Of course, some choices break some parts of the tree (the subclass choice), and its a good thing. So how can we improve the talent tree ? simply instead of a linear talent tree with long branches, just unlock powers you can train on leveling, not by clicking on a linear branch path. Keep the branches only where it makes sense (subclass choice for example). The skill tree Same complaint can be made for the skill tree. There are some repetitive paths and trains (for example 3 weapons decay rate randomly put on the tree). And we need to train a lot of powers we simply don't need or want to focus. Branches simply don't give an impression of cohesion. So how can we improve the skill tree? simply cut the branches, because they bring no logical only side effects. Keep the branches only where it makes sense. Unlock all powers of a node (ex : Melee node) at the same time, so we can train only the one we want. You can make some branch dependencies but it would have sense. I think that these design issues are serious and recurrent. All main ideas are here, but they need to be more polished. You would understand that is important for a player to have a nice amount of control on his character building. A player should feel a sense of liberty of testing and promote a build. The character building is the main game core. I would not play a game if i have the feel of following some rigid paths. Games that have success (GTA series, Red dead redemp. league of legends, Dota...) gives a great feel of liberty and customization options. I don't want to overwhelm but some complaints can be made too about the very limited choice of weapon types for each class (see my previous suggestion post). I'm happy that the game is still on Pre-alpha and i would keep some good hope for the next versions.
  10. I agree on this one. My case is that i don't have regulary free time. Several months ago, i got several days to discover Crowfall. Sadly i can't buff my passive training. It would be nice if the passive skill was mixed with real gaming experience. I don't understand why my skinning skill would be worse than an old player. What about an old player never skinned and i would be worse even if i skinned 2500 pigs ? This breaks a natural reward/work balance. And i'm sure that this complaint will come back again and again. Gears fast live rotation is a good thing for eco and crafting. This problem should be fixed when the wipes will stop. With a rich and well-established economy, gears cost will decrease because of the players economy. Anyway, it's just a balance matter and can be fixed easily. Same feelings but i understand the PvE choices. Honestly, do you know a pure PVP MMORPG that had a commercial success? If you take a look at Wow, most players are on PvE servers. Simply you can only be involved in a competitive PvP game if you are a no-life. That's why crafting is important. This gives player side goals to reach.
  11. So major disciplines will have their own talent tree just like in sb ? When this feature will be here ? any info (6.0 or further ?)
  12. Maybe it's easier to fix this cost by increasing the leadership effect.The leadership branch reminds me the commander rune in sb. It seems better to keep it as a separate feature. Most of balance issues will be fixed when the game dev will more advanced.
  13. Pretty work, congratulations to the graphic team
  14. You can look at this feature on towers and rangers camp too.
  15. Currently you can upgrade guards slots up to R10 guards. That's create a kind of safety.
  16. I would add that a 'mule' system is found on many game mods (the train in overwatch, team fortress 2, moba games). So it's a strong and popular gameplay mechanic.
  17. Yeah, accurate collision box on weapons could grant a fantastic gameplay benefit. It could open so many doors for weapon differentiation.
  18. Crazy idea ! Upgrading the dog/cat to a catch the diligence system 😎 !
  19. Hi all the crowfall team, These are constructive feedback and suggestions to fix the previous stated issues about (take a look at previous posts before reading this) : 1. Lack of weapon differentiation in gameplay 2. Lack of (true) liberty in character differentiation 1. To improve the lack of weapon differentiation. Parry: we can't make a real sense of melee fight without a parry system. In sb, Parry creates the chance for a player to cancel out melee attacks with their own weapon. Chance to parry receives a 5% bonus for dual-wield and a 10% bonus for wielding a two-handed weapon. Here some weapons could be better in parrying (swords, staff, pole arm). A parry mechanics could be passive (if player keep staying idle) or active. It can stack with a shield block. in sb, a shield block was more efficient than weapon parry against projectiles. It's is a good way to introduce a weapon differentiation because now you have a 'parry chance' value to weapons. Powers differentiation: In sb, powers were mainly linked to weapon type (1H sword, 2H Sword, 1H Axe, 2H Axe, Dagger, 1H Hammer, 2H Hammer, Bow, Crossbow, Pole Arm, Unarmed, spears, staff (Weapon power example on swords https://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php?title=Sword)). It seems more realistic, because, that's not only your class that should define what you can do (stun, debuff, bleed...) but your weapon nature and your skill using it. Each class got a different skill on weapons. A warrior was master in swords, a ranger expert, A barbarian journeyman...It mainly impacts the powers efficiency. Linking powers to weapon nature could allow much more liberty on character building. Discipline could add powers or change the class behaviour (https://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php?title=Blade_Master). Now you can unlock access to a wider range of weapons to your classes without thinking of designing each class behavior. Attack rating / defensive rating : in crowfall, attack power seems a bit confusing. It overlaps with damage without a real gameplay impact or sense of cohesion. But the idea could be more developed. Sb introduced the attack rating and defense rating system. Just like other RPG/RTS games (Total war series...), attack rating increases accuracy chance on melee or projectile. This adds a lot of deepness in fights. Because you need to make a balance your trains between dexterity (that increases accuracy) and strength (that increases damage). On the other side, defense rating was trained in your armor skill. High defense rating increases the chance to auto-dodge the attack. So the formula is relative between your opponent and you. Your defensive rating is effective only if it's higher than your opponent attack rating. So you have full deepness to build your character here. Its not an absolute system, its a relative one (it mainly depends on the players builds on the server). So you can focus your trains on armor and/or on weapon skill. For example, you can make full dps char with less train on defense, or full tanky low dps. And if you char is less accurate than your opponent you can have to pay the cost. So all these mechanics blend brilliantly. Now you have a meaningful weapon differentiation. Equip your ranger with an axe and the powers will be different than a sword. As a weapon, axe can have all current crowfall mechanics (armor piercing, damage increase...) plus new mechanics (attack rating buff, defense debuff, parry). Then a relative system is better (from an absolute system) because implies that the other players' char builds drives the creative choices (in order to find some counters builds). 2. To introduce more character differentiation Char differentiation as a focus: If powers are linked to weapon type, it would much easier to find some character differentiation. Now you can concentrate not on same classes features but on unique ones. If you can train 90% of a tree, you will have poor differentiation. It will be on the remaining 10%. Imagine you can only train 40% of a tree at the end, You can have a much better differentiation on the same classes. A simple look at sb can show us how deep can be a char building with meaningful differentiation (https://morloch.shadowbaneemulator.com/index.php?title=Main_Page). On some classes i spend most of my training points on skills (and so not on powers) because it was my goal. I don't mind. Buffing the talent system: the talent system could introduce common skills between classes (parry, block, regen, defense rating, attack rating...) but at various degree of effectiveness. In sb, class or race could have different parry chance. The same things can be said for health regen, stamina regen...The talent system should give more flexibility and more customization amount. Not a 15% critical chance can change a build. The talent system must not be cosmetic. It should really impact gameplay by a great amount by unlocking any kind of exotic strategies. Unlocking creativity in a relative system: choices should impacts gameplay so it allows creativity. Imagine I want to make a high defensive char for harvesting resources. DPS isn't my focus. I would be able to focus everything on defense (parry chance, block chance, high defensive rating, movement speed, escape artist discipline...). So my opponent will need to catch me. He needs to be fast, accurate (high attack rating) and has to make use of snare/stun abilities. The attack will be more challenging. But now if i'm high dps strength based, the opponent needs to log another char build. That made sb fantastic, it could need a tailored char to perform a task. Do not invent the wheel: most of the previous suggestions are from sb. It's just because sb designer team meet the same problems than crowfall about char designing and differentiation. Crowfall is richer on features but much less deep than sb. Crowfall features stack themselves in a vertical layer way with poor differentiation. The crowfall engine is fantastic but it should a good thing to learn from sb. Same problems can have same solutions. The combat engine in crowfall must not be only good, it must be fantastic!!! Because its the core of the game!!! All turn around the fight at the end. Of course we cannot copy everything from sb, but sb is mainly praised for its char building customization and deepness. Just a citation from a forum member managainsttime about sb that perform an accurate resume :
  20. Nice resume. Yes for example. As a whole, a better character building differentiation/risk/reward system.
  21. Of course, everything needs to be seen as a whole. But this is very linear. Building choices should prevail over simple better gear. Yeah :) Hopefully !
  22. And minor character build risk = minor mistakes = minor reward feeling.
  23. Ty for your explantations lanie, although i understand how the mechanics work. The issue is that it impacts gameplay by a minor margin.
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