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  1. In shadowbane, in order to loot more, characters needed to have strength. The more strength, the more loot you can. In the real world, i cannot fight with 12 plate armors in my inventory. I would need a Mule 🛒 The Mule looks like a wagon, and carries the loot of the group. It is a bigger inventory, that: The Mule content is so big that you need it . For example, max resource stack can be higher (200+) The mule may transport your friend cadaver and his inventory is slower than your character can share content with group members. can be captured( let's name the situation 'Mule in danger'), but its content can be sold only in towns or forts. Of course, PK will be happy to get it... if they got time to pull the Mule back to the town in order to sell the content. The ground will then be something like the far west fighting for the diligence, because when you get killed while farming, then you always will have a chance to get your loot back (Forced PvP time, Time to log your PvP char and maybe help in your Faction or guild ? ⚔️) Guild anouncement: "Mule in danger: A group in your faction may loose 50 021 gold". The amount is evaluated by the server, according to the content of the Mule's inventory. "Mule in danger" could be displayed in the global MAP (only for guild member) Maybe a part of the selling can be given to your guild (10% for example).
  2. About Weapons, would it be possible to add a range to melee weapons ? I mean, a pole arm should hit an enemy 2 meters away, whereas a dagger must be really close to hit. This should be taken into account when fighting. In a real fight, how can a dagger armed guy can stand against a 1 handed long blade enemy, if the dagger guy can't approach because of the blade ? The weapon size is very important in a real combat. Short Swords should have less hit range than Long Swords. Also, the weapon size should affects 360 degres powers AE with such weapons. A long weapon ranges a bigger area than a little weapon. This is real true weapon differentiation.
  3. Yeah, but we need a tracking power just like in sb. To know if there is a thief in the area (even if we don't know where).
  4. Hey, I agree with a short time skill tree. I would not like to wait months (or years) for a competitive 1 vs 1 pvp. On sb character leveling up to 75 need several days (and less with macro leveling). A short time skill tree would be interesting only if players can't fill all the skill tree. They need to choose their specialities. So a skill wipe feature from a player would be fun to undo choice and go for another path. Just i would like is that my choices really count, not a flat linear commun skill tree like all other players.
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