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  1. Hello everyone! This is the first time i create a topic for crawfall, and it's all for this unique question: why? So,i've just started to play two days ago and i think this game has a lot of problems, not about his concept,his design,but because the entire experience i found in this game wasn't what i expected.because the trailer was actualy just too different with the game.I've heard about a realistic fighting system and a massive strategy game,with faction controlling city and territory and trying to won a gigantic war in a world where undeads get out of theirs graves and became a massive threat in winter. one of the creator say something like "the mixt between eve online and games of thrones".I can understand that is realy difficult to make a massive strategy when the game is in a beta or alpha phase,but where is the strategy? where is the interactive world ruled by the players made by the players,discovered by the players and for god sake where is the roleplay?If anyone has the answer and would tell me why the creators gave all this illusions to the players like me i'm interested in. Thank you for reading,and sorry for my grammar and spelling, I wasn't born in England.
  2. Bonne traduction? Elle est pas ouf, voir mauvaise pour tout dire! Entre le faite qu'elle ne soit pas à moitié finie (40% du jeu traduit selon moi) il est clair que la plupart des traductions sont à la ramasse.
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