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  1. Dont think of it like a ladder. Think of it like an unlock ability. Beneficial harvest is a one time thing that happens or it doesnt at the end of a node. If you want to have the chance to get one then you must unlock it first. Im sure after you unlock it there will be other incremental skills that up your % chance to proc one. It makes sense form a skill perspective. To learn to do something for the first time is the hard "leap". Once youve figured it out, you gradually get better and better at making it work.
  2. Can you imagine how many of those zerglings will continue playing once they get smoked and full looted? Ive been collecting tears and sob stories along with hate mail from XOO nubs for the past decade. I don't think its going to change now. Only thing different now is that I'm making money IRL while doing it.
  3. honestly, western guilds couldnt get their poorly made socks together in SB during their "prime hardcore" years. You guys mostly quibbled and backstabbed until 90% of the mines/castles were owned by the hive mind CN and Dokdo KR. That being said, I found that small highly organized groups of players that had been playing with each other for years could do just fine. I have a feeling that will be the case here as well on either the FFA inner world or the faction/world. I predict the poorly made socks show zerg guilds will likely spend most of their time on the tier just outside the FFA tier.
  4. Expect any Asian port run by PWE to have plenty of RNG cash shop boxes and egg smashing contests every week!
  5. I welcome all CN and Dokdo into any game. It breeds good ol' fashioned xenophobia and makes for more meaningful PvP. It also means its TRE-day (target rich environment) everyday in any game since the only reason I even went to hotzones was to farm increased numbers of CN. Why waste time farming mobs when you can kill 8 farmers in 10 minutes and get 4 hours worth of farming done by taking their stuff. SB had it right when it comes to bots... full loot pvp. Now hot damnn.. off to bank my 3 legendary INT runes.
  6. Alpha 1 leader reporting. All systems go. Waiting for Date transmission to commence crushing.
  7. THIS is what is primarily wrong about the idea of kickstarter and the shady ways in which you "raise" money. How about, raise your goal and THEN BUILD THE GAME. Show us how you've used that money, and then, when its all out,ask for more if you need it. Kickstarter is not this never ending money black-hole where devs waste time developing new gimmicks to raise money. The goal has been reached. Focus on the game, and not on the money, Don't be like that piece of poorly made socks game , if I can even call it that, Star Citizen, where all they work on is creating more incentives for kickstarter. 2 years down the road, you've squandered all your funds on developing gimmicks as opposed to the real game. Besides not having a decent game, you'll also have a few lawsuits to boot. As a side note, if you do get sued, Id be more than happy to work quasi pro-bono to represent you. Should get me into those happy hour lunches yes?
  8. this is by no means what hes saying.. Hes asking why must people insist on OTHER things IN ORDER to have fun. Instead of quippy 1 liners... what about trying to understand what the guy is saying instead of making yourself look like a dumb broad.
  9. Im on SBEMU right now and honestly.. the game is still fun. I would love updated systems, graphix and controls however. If this game were nothing but SbEMU 2.0 it would still be worth my money This is something that is GREAT/WAI and has been lacking for a long time in modern MMO's . The hand holding respeccing crap has completely destroyed ingenuity and thoughtfulness behind building a character. Todd has come out a few times and openly stated that creating a crap end game character is a risk that NEEDS to exist for the process of character creation to have any meaning. #100%agree
  10. shadowbane shadowbane shadowbane!!! let the Age of Gimp Builds Begin!!!
  11. not sure where you are getting this idea. No one sticks around in cookie cutter treadmill games. Long term may be hard to define, but there arent very many games still active ( successful ) where long term can even be used to describe them. EVE and WOW are the two most successful "old" games. The only reason people come back to wow is for new content. EVE on the other hand, has no real gear grind. People play it bc they either enjoy it, or they quit bc its not fun anymore. You dont NEED ladder/treadmill incentives to make a long lasting good game.
  12. You quit single player games bc once you win they are not fun anymore. WoW kids initially thought gear grinding was a great end game, most have moved on. How about a new and maybe not so novel concept. END GAME GOAL: We continue playing it because its FUN TO PLAY! I know many of you mmo'ers have no idea what this concept even means and it really does sadden me. The whole idea behind MMO's is that the playerbase was a community. You made the game fun by having fun in it while interacting with others. Gear treadmills that only stop when there's a gap between patches is not what mmo's are about. The devs see this, have the initiative and vision to do something about it, and now we as players have taken it up to support this vision. I mean look at shadowbane... at how badly implemented that great idea was... how devoted its playerbase is.. that even now.. years after the age of strife ended, the SB-Emu team is still up and at it with an active and dedicated community ( to a reverse engineered game to boot! )
  13. Your title is defeated by the very first line of your post. You demand them to be taken back to the drawing boards. A. Thats precisely where they are right now... the drawing boards. B. You admit you know very little about them, yet you want them redesigned to fit your equally vague concept, of which you yourself are not sure of. Something about this post reminds me of the saying about complaining about the weather, only here, its more like your complaining about the mere possibility of bad weather.
  14. Id much rather have them pledge to improve the game for extra money. Granted, this is by no means a binding contract, however, Im not backing this so I can get my "freebies" in a game thats not even gauranteed to exist. The primary purpose of kickstarter backing is to help Devs create a game. We've gotten very far away from this concept in light of unethical marketing strategies employed by other games( Star Citizen ). People need to realize they are backing with a DONATION, whatever they feel like DONATING. We dont want a situation like Camelot UNchained or Star citizen, where for years all they do is roll out a new goody every 2 months in hopes that people will BUY it. You dont send money to help starving african children because you are looking to BUY that letter/picture from the child. You are doing it to help a cause. Stop trying to BUY things in kickstarter programs.
  15. The reasons people are so worried about bots are understandable. The past 10 years we've had nothing but crap PVE games in which bots rule and there's nothing we can do about them or the resources they gather. However, the fact that inventories drop takes care of 90% of the problem. These people work on such a slim margin of profit. If they lose even 1-2 inventories per day, then they will not make enough money to run the bots. 5% of the problem will be solved by disincentivizing the RMT market through the use of PLEX-like systems. People just wont risk having their computers infected with key loggers, or getting perma-banned just to buy gold at 20$/1million gold as opposed to the official price of $24.99/ 1 million gold. If the market is robust, the PLEX system will work alongside natural currency inflation and remain a very viable gold purchasing device without having to resort to illegal RMT. Lastly, there is the problem of hardcore hackers as someone mentioned earlier. Some bots just TP around and you cant see them. First of all, this represents an incredibly tiny portion of the bots. Most bots are really badly written and do nothing more than travel on a predefined circuit with minimal pixel recognition. However, this need not be the only mitigating factor. Someone previously mentioned that the bots will zoom from resource to resource and be virtually untargettable. This does not have to be the case. You are thinking too much in terms of resource gathering from previous games. All the developers have to do is make node mining take a long time. EVE did this with Ice-bots. And while yes they did and still do exist, ( i know bc i am currently running 4 in an ice field ) its a very risky venture. It takes 2 full days of uninterrupted ice mining just to cover the potential loss of your ship. Your ship gets destroyed in 1-2 good volleys from a destroyer that costs 3 million to fit as opposed to my ice mining barges which cost upwards of 300 million. If the nodes simply take 2 minutes to harvest, the bots wont be able to zoom around, and we will have plenty of time to kill them and help ourselves to their inventories. Harsh PVP environments w/ inventory loot are historically the ONLY thing that has had any long lasting impact on keeping botting under control.
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