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  1. I don't disagree with you that the majority of development time should be spent on furthering the more advanced features, but it seems like campaigns are going to be more than just getting your feet wet, they're also the introduction, the meat and potatoes so to speak. They're already spending some time on balancing capture point totals and making sure you can feel the impact, so it isn't that far out of reach to tweak the system with this in mind such that it fulfills: "The proving grounds for Order, Balance, and Chaos. Players join one of three divine Factions and battle for control of the
  2. I remember that, and I liked the concept, but at the time all the other pieces weren't in place yet, the accumulation of time and all, and it was just the bum rush at the end for victory. Then they moved away from that with the current system. But yes, I thought the slider was a much better representation of the factions before they moved to the current point total system. Ideally that slider would use the current fleshed out time/point system. But I also think it's important for instance that Balance points aren't just "points for Balance" but taking from the current lead should matter mo
  3. So right now we basically have 3 generic factions that might as well be labeled A, B, and C. They all want the same thing, they all accrue points the same way. I have two thoughts on the matter that could help add flavor to the idea of "Order' 'Chaos' and 'Balance'. 1- Instead of each faction accruing ever increasing points, have the campaign itself have a point value that is centered on 0. Order adds positive points, Chaos gets negative points, and Balance removes points from whoever is in the lead (potentially only by taking land/forts from that faction that is in the lead.) Then th
  4. The shop is absolutely something you should innovate on. The system of buying odd amounts of middle man currency just to transfer it immediately to a purchase is enraging. I can think of various accounts off the top of my head that I have a balance just sitting there. Frankly it's similar to buying a gift card and waiting to use it until random fees are charged to it. There's a reason most places were forced to remove those charges. Since you need the system of crowns, in my mind it can be solved buy being allowed to buy an exact amount of crowns, in the lowest common denomination (50
  5. I completely disagree, it takes at most a few minutes. 3 wood to get your first axe, that's 1-2 trees. 6 wood to make a pick and a hammer, which is really fast in 5.6, then 6 stone and 6 wood to make basic weapons. If that's taking you 2 hours then what's needed is a quick tutorial or pop-up message (which isn't in game yet), not a change to the system. As far as a starter axe vs punching trees, I think it's good that people are taught a very basic principle right at the start of the game - if all your stuff is looted out in the world, you are not helpless. I wouldn't mind seeing ju
  6. I like everything about this post with the exception of modified creatures being tied only to the day/night cycle. I'm not sure entirely how I feel about that one. I think as a progression it should be tied more to the season than the time of day, but in a variable way. Perhaps something like: Spring 60% day/40% night, and 15% of your monster spawns at night are hunger infected. Summer 50%/50%, and 25% of monsters at night are hunger Fall 40%/60%, 50% of monsters at night and 15% of monsters during the day Winter 25%/75%, and 90% of monsters at night spawn hunger in
  7. As long as you have to choose between combat, gathering, and crafting (and even for VIPs, especially if the 2nd track is slower) it will always be beneficial to have a second account building up time. You can just use that first account as a combat/gatherer and the second account as a crafter and you have now increased your potential without any downside to where you spend your play time. In fact, that might be preferential with significant build times even if they rearrange things. Second screen crafter in the EK while you wait 4 hours for something to build? Take your combat/gatherer
  8. Good stuff, great things on the horizon! One question with dungeons - you have these great expansive mountain models, couldn't you place an entire labyrinth inside them with varying entrances and then completely avoid the issue of going under the tiles but still have that dungeon crawling feel? I could see that being procedurally generated once you have the interior volume of the mountains known. With testing, I'll often get emails for games to do a weekend test- could you do a weekend test with a new campaign where everyone starts with X in the time bank? I had a great laugh
  9. I now like to think the raven in the lower right corner is just questioning that as well
  10. It does seem surprisingly more taxing than mail/plate, but it's also hard to say if it's because there's less things to skin vs ore to be mined on Abattoir. I could see it flipping if we don't have an ore heavy map and they start adding more skinnable mobs in the game.
  11. I've experienced the invisible wall on the Abattoir map. If that's what you joined you should instead start with the Wrath maps until you get the lay of the land so to speak. If you hit the invisible wall you can just use the Recall spell though, and it will bring you to an appropriate spot. For game crashes Miraluna is right, email Crowfall support, they're very helpful. There have been an assortment of little patches coming out and it's very possibly a new or existing bug, but for the most part I haven't heard of widespread harvesting issues lately. As far as the bug goes, I haven't
  12. I disagree, I think that while there are a lot of people who vehemently support the game, I don't think I've seen a whole lot of "this game is perfect and nothing needs to be changed. Personally, my benchmark is the FFXIV alpha, where there was zero communication from the dev team, and the player base was largely Square white knighters. Now I love Square, and I played FFXI, but FFXIV was *not good* during the alpha, and it launched that way in part because the dev team had no/minimal interaction (even on the Japanese side) and the player base largely fell back on "it will be fine". Here is
  13. I like the system mostly the way they have it set up. Your time is going to go somewhere, so in the end an individual character is going to have vertical progression, and it's necessary to feel your character evolve. What I like is that it's not just a straight run up to a specific level at which point everyone is the same. The idea that I liked that someone else in this thread suggested somewhere, is add more branching options within the skill trees. That way a path to the end could be wildly different between people. Hitting that last node is homogeneous now when every player is fil
  14. I think the new skill tress are a great step forward, here are a couple comments I have based on current experience and where it seems they're going. Removal of basics trees is fine for people who have a grasp of the game, but might be harsh for new players. That said, a few days into the game if they decide to try something else out they'll only lose a few days and those points won't actually be lost if they want to come back later. Also once we no longer have the 10x speed training the early stages of the advanced trees should probably be tuned so that you are advancing reasonably ear
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