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  1. neckbreaker is not calculating Stats into account. with 154% crit damage dominance crit did only 100 more dmg then my Non dominane non crit. Not sure if theres more issues then that but neckbreaker needs looked at. Im on an Alpha warrior champ Half gaint in case that helps you iron out whats causing the issue.
  2. So edited it because i dont think arrows are a part of the damage calculations at all. Was doing the same dmg with 18 dmg arrows-34 dmg arrows-51 dmg quiver. Dmg #'s were almost identical between all 3
  3. The ranger/archer passive Double/triple shots dont seem to be applying.
  4. yeah camera seems to sit fairly low now, whenever i dodge it bounces off the ground
  5. So Not sure if this is already reported so just gonna send it up. My Camera is working however it seems a but lower then normal. Dodge rolling causes my camera to bounce off the ground
  6. The talent Flash freezing in the archmage talent tree is currently not applying to the volatile ice free weave. The volatile ice from the focus gem is still working properly.
  7. First off forget the jump why are you on a sin 😮
  8. if people actually played test they probably wouldnt have to push it to live. Also live is still technically a test client.
  9. I dont play Myrm or slayer so i can honestly say i have never used either.
  10. @jtoddcoleman@thomasblair@ACE_JackalBark This right here is why something needs to happen. Some sort of guideline has to be set up.
  11. So alright different approach, Why are other players being banned for bugs while people who are using other bug are not? Not sure if this one is against ToS trying to not break that this time.
  12. EXACTLY how do we know whats intended and whats not?
  13. So basically we should all not use vengeance?
  14. So whats an exploit Pam? Please clarify for me which bugs are exploits and which arent.
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