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  1. Just want to point out that i had no idea that it was anything more then a visual bug at the time of this fight 🤣 found out earlier today that the bombs are custarded. Also while im aware that dots are supposed to only stack once per target in the current game you cant see what is applied to enemy targets so if youve come up with a way to confirm that its only applying once then i would love to see it. Per the floating text and the combat log more damage is being applied per target then what should be. Mind you this could be as simple as a bug with the log itself but its also possible that its doing more damage then intended. Also the visual bug seems to be more then just a visual bug, it also appears to do more damage as well. I havent been able to confirm this because it doesnt translate to the combat log and when we tried to test in the EK AoE ablities werent hitting to include the activation of bombs.
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1lVjiDJ4Xo&feature=youtu.be So I did some more testing of the brigand bombs in the current patch, Explosive seems to be the only one doing the constant explosion glitch at least so far anyways. HOWEVER based on the combat text and the floating Combat numbers I think that the Bombs Dots are applying multiple times to single targets. Bombs in video are 1. Fairie 2. Explosive 3. Concussive
  3. Give me a reason to want to upgrade my gear, because as it stands i have none.
  4. With stat caps as they are it brings up multiple issues, the only reason to have an improved vessel would be for a bit more con otherwise its pointless, The same goes for higher quality gear. Another issue is its pointless to put your passive stats towards weapons training aside from maybe a bit more armor pen. I waste all of my extra ap, crit chance and crit damage with the current stat situation. If the cap isnt raised then they need to make it harder to reach that cap.
  5. So with the runic weapons and the stat changes to vessels it has become quite easy to cap out offensive combat stats with just blue quality vessels/gear. Was curious if there is anything in the works to raise the stat caps?? AP, Crit chance, and crit dmg all cap out quite easily. Especially now with support power being raised to 2k why cant AP be raised as well?
  6. In the current game system sure thats not a bad idea but what about when you cant import? I personally despise the fact that you can craft anything without at least some sort of a risk.
  7. Might have to fight you over this 😂😂
  8. Any ranger can LOS kill gaurds. Can confirm as i do it constantly on my brigand. This also applies to fort gaurds. I have found a spot for each and every gaurd. Also dont forget that if the current UI for it is to be believed its supposed to be 10 steps. So that means 1k per step and i would assume that a guard would start at R1 then level up to R10 which is a loooot of gold.
  9. Props to HAX for pushing through even with choas being being in the state they are in now. Theyre always good sports as well.
  10. Just make it so you cant trade someone while stealthed. If im a ganker im gonna scout out a harvester prior to attacking. If your forced to unstealth to trade ill just wait till you start your trade and then engage you. That fixes the stealth bank alt issue.
  11. I mean im okay either way, i dont see any harm in a more shallow power curve, but after a certain point you want the harvesting and crafting 5o be worth it in the end. If you make a power curve to shallow it could make all the effort involved not seem necessary.
  12. Final damage mod is actually quite a difference maker stat wise. If your playing dps you should be capping that stat.
  13. I run with the same mentality doc, i roam and jump whoever i can, sometimes i pick fights that i cant win or i misplay a situation but its all about improving. Plus its just custard fun.
  14. Props to you and your crew for staying active though. Its nice to not be the only one roaming. Some of my most entertaining fights are with your guild.
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