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  1. I am 100% okay with scheduling a giant pvp event for the purpose of a stream. The current image that is being put out is just not gonna bring in people looking for a new PvP game.
  2. So am I the only person that seems to think sponsoring a bunch of streams on the main channel that only play on GR is a massive misinterpretation to the gaming community about what the games is going to be like? It will do literally nothing positive for the community type this game is designed for.
  3. So not entirely sure the last time you played your brigand pope but the traps De-Spawning do not take you out of stealth anymore. Also I Disagree I most definitely do not want my brigand to pop out of stealth every time I lay a trap, While they may be obvious my name popping up over and over again is a bit more obvious.... Don't get me wrong the way traps currently are is certainly a meh thing. However this tray change doesn't really change to much in regards to the way they work with stealth. Currently if I place traps and they are not set off they just de-spawn without any repercussions to myself. THEY DO NOT PULL ME OUT OF STEALTH. If an enemy steps on a trap im switched into combat but can Re-stealth, However as soon as the DoT ticks on a target I will get popped out of stealth. Traps can currently be stacked up to 11 before hitting the despawn timer so it is most definitely possible to use them effectively in a certain situations. The way I see it is if your using bombs your already committing to that fight, be it sneaking up on a harvesting or capitalizing on a choke point. There aren't many situations where bombing as harassing is really effective. It wasn't even until recently that you could use the bombs on the ranged bar and ideally they don't really shine there. Can only speculate on the new system without testing but the only real change is gonna be the amount of time it takes to stealth and as a wood elf I don't see that being an issue.
  4. Okay so up until now I've played devils advocate to most of the people complaining about the current state of melee. However I was going through some gameplay I recorded today and realized that my auto's are missing more then I initially thought. In this video while at 1m range I missed every single autoattack. Yall have got to get this worked out.
  5. All PvP kills will be counted on the leaderboard (regardless of level difference between players). Why....This is a terrible idea imo. Now I could just grab an alt account log it on the other faction get it to 20 in the CW and farm it if I wanted to pad my stats. We have campaign rewards Based off of a K/D Ratio. I do not see how this is a good idea.
  6. Is Crit chance and Anti Crit calculated the same as armor and armor pen?
  7. Maybe its just me but i have 0 issues with slashing quiver currently. It does quite well on my brigand and i never seem to have an issue timing the execute with the third hit lol
  8. Timers are an incredibly good thing and need to stay. Without them its just a backcap game. You think pvp is scarce now? Before timers it was a ghosttown.
  9. Exactly! the current system is majorly in favor of the harvester anyways. The only way you get stuff currently is to get luck and catch the right target then kill it quick enough before it can bank. However even with everything stack in the harvester's favor ppl still in GR hiding lol. Hopefully the separation of reward/parcel tech comes out soon.
  10. Just to clarify I wasn't trying to talk poorly made socks or anything. I do understand the need to avoid combat when harvesting, time in combat obviously greatly affects how efficient harvesting is So Im not trying to say that avoiding combat is cowardly when harvesting because ideally that's the goal. Im actually quite happy that there are people who still weigh the risk reward and harvest out in the CW same as us. My issue isn't with people hiding while harvesting in the CW that's normal stuff. My problem is that you can hide in GR and avoid conflict completely. @Samulus Not sure if we got it on video we actually saw you completely by accident. Some of us were about to log when luzaca spotted yall lol.
  11. What ideally should be happening is you send out a group of harvesters with pvpers as protection. Do you really think being able to harvest without risk should be a thing? I think yall actually had a group out in the cw last night so props for that.
  12. If maxing passive skills will promote more fights custard it im all for it. However It really wont change much. it might make the absolute 100% new people have a bit more enjoyment however its not gonna miraculously turn the current guilds that are struggling into competent guilds. My issue with it is its being used as an excuse as to why things aren't working in peoples favor, there are way more factors involved then just the passive training. Im all for whatever promotes more fights so If that fixes in so be it but I don't have much hope in it.
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