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  1. No one on this thread is disputing that the class/spec is overpowered. What there all saying is if you had a better comp/more communication you would of actually killed him.
  2. Can we talk about hall yall didn't CC him at all? Not saying Pit fighter is super balanced but what I saw was Endless Juke 10 people who didn't CC him when they had the chance. That situation had more to do with lack of cohesion between your zerg more then it did pit fighter being OP. If he had stayed to fight you and won then your argument would be valid, but that's not the case. You just got juked.
  3. So we just finished a large scale fight sieging Black Mire and what could of been an incredible fight turned into a massive lagfest. Should we avoid large scale fights and just stick to the small scale for now or is there hope for these bigger fights in the near future??
  4. Just recently started skilling into the animal specialization tree and I'm curious as to what the spiders in game are classified as, anyone know??
  5. Has it been confirmed that 5.6 is on may 8th??
  6. I'm a Templar with about 7 days of game time right now. I'm a crafter and starting to skill into combat for PvP. Looking for an active Chaos faction guild on either Wrath W or Wrath E.
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