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  1. Why on earth do traps take so long to activate. Soooo custard bad right now.
  2. The way traps work right now is absolutely terrible
  3. I would really have to disagree with you there damage type is melee, with dots as secondary focus. So another dot only compliments there gameplay. also slow demise was amazing when paired with jab/sweep
  4. Nope not anymore they stole that from brigand too 99% sure someone @Ace Hates brigand because they keep getting nerfed. RIP my class
  5. So def a minor thing but the poisoner discipline really fit well with brigand kit there a reason the ability For them to us it was removed?
  6. https://ibb.co/7CPRS9x The Talent in the Ranger tree Cloaked in moss is a required 3 points in order to access both the Double shots talent as well as the Cross slash talent. Cloaked in moss only offers passive health regen which more offensive players aren't going to want to waste 3 points in. However Double shots/Cross slash are both very strong offensive talents. In its current state im forced to waste 3 points is something I would never choose just to access those talents.
  7. the Buffs that remove poison/bleeds on the Poisoner/ Knife grinder discipline are not usable in the ranged tray on Brigand. Why is this?
  8. With a Focus Gem equipped Shatter Storm is causing Volatile ice to Multiply exponentially per target hit. IE: Shatter storm is used on two people Target A takes dmg, Target B takes damage, The damage taken by target A chains to target B, The damage taken by target B chains to target A. Adding more people inside the effect makes it worse. This was tested on both the Archemage and the Frostgaurd.
  9. So placement while stealth is possible but with the delay between placement and activation on top of the GCD between each trap you can dodge 1-2 of them depending on your Reaction. All in all traps are just in a very weird place.
  10. The booby traps passive just adds dots to each of your traps. There is no auto activation, what I mean when I say activation is that from initial placement to the time it goes off on someone who is standing on top of it is 3 seconds or just short of. Anyone with half a brain can dodge out before it connects.
  11. they are currently billboards. From 5.10 to 5.11 they made them twice as obvious and the activation time has increased to almost 3 seconds.
  12. I honestly want to know. What is the reasoning for it? Whats the logic behind it?
  13. Why did we give Crusader cleric plate? Seriously though they were already immensely tankie. Was it like some class identity type of thing? I honestly cant even begin to understand why anyone thought they needed more defense then they already had.
  14. I am 100% okay with scheduling a giant pvp event for the purpose of a stream. The current image that is being put out is just not gonna bring in people looking for a new PvP game.
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