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  1. <QUESTION> Can you speak about any possible changes to territory control, or implementing something to push more gameplay outside of seige hours.
  2. One would hope that before you spend the time or resources to upgrade your vessel that you would know what you want to play. If it takes you until your a lego mino brigand to figure out you want to switch thats your own custard fault lol.
  3. <QUESTION> What are the current plans to promote more activity during the day? Currently the Pop difference between siege and non siege hours is massive. What are you working on to fix this?
  4. I dont play Myrm or slayer so i can honestly say i have never used either.
  5. @jtoddcoleman@thomasblair@ACE_JackalBark This right here is why something needs to happen. Some sort of guideline has to be set up.
  6. So alright different approach, Why are other players being banned for bugs while people who are using other bug are not? Not sure if this one is against ToS trying to not break that this time.
  7. EXACTLY how do we know whats intended and whats not?
  8. So basically we should all not use vengeance?
  9. So whats an exploit Pam? Please clarify for me which bugs are exploits and which arent.
  10. Yeah last post was against ToS which i did not realize. So now im trying to clarify what will get players banned so that we as a community can avoid this problem in the future.
  11. Alright so let me do this a different way. If the stealth bug is a bannable offense, what else is a bannable offense? Will i get banned for using a vengeance myrm? What about if im playing a slayer and i intentionally cancel my rapid fire with flintlock to take advantage of the fact that rapid fire continues? @jtoddcoleman @thomasblair
  12. Especially not something that is a massive part of early game harvesting
  13. Well with the forts n poorly made dergs they were able to limit based on World bands. I think they have the tech in now. The different forts for example have different loot between the worlds
  14. Everyone does it. We've all logged into GR, gone right to the beginner wolves you kill for the first quest of the npe and farmed blood and bone. It is by far the best way to currently harvest them. This might be an unpopular opinion but i dont think it should be an option. You should be forced to harvest blood/bone in a pvp world. Infected/dregs should be the only way to obtain them. They are a pivotal part of early game harvesting and honestly they are way to easy to obtain with 0 threat from pvp.
  15. The campfire video is literally over a year old lol. Look at the UI.
  16. The bottom video is from a faction campaign. That bug does not exist anymore, trust me we've tested it.
  17. What can i say i want fights if i run moon and they run Balance i can kill balance and they can kill moon
  18. You might as well just @ me bro im the one who was cross faction lol
  19. You clearly haven't played the last 4 days because we fought DiS more then we fought anyone else. Feel free to keep making the excuses you need to help yourself feel better.
  20. Brigand should have the ability to use daggers. Not only would it give it the lunge it also would give it access to slow demise and knife grinder. All which compliment the brigand class idea very well i feel.
  21. I would really have to disagree with you there damage type is melee, with dots as secondary focus. So another dot only compliments there gameplay. also slow demise was amazing when paired with jab/sweep
  22. Nope not anymore they stole that from brigand too 99% sure someone @Ace Hates brigand because they keep getting nerfed. RIP my class
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