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  1. hey @BarriaKarl so on my acer predator laptop i can log into test totally fine pretty damn fast i might add as well has I7 7700 my pc that wont log into test has old amd phenom 2 x4 965 and pretty much i can sit at the loading screen for 10mins plus and never go anywhere
  2. I have been dealing with this since it went to test so your not alone,i have had quite a bit of back and forth with support on this and they are aware and looking into it. I try everyday multiple times a day. im motivated what can i say lol. support has been great tho better than i have experienced in a long time from other games.
  3. logged in today 3/28/2020 4:23 est and my passive training had stopped and nothing was selected. was able to just start training again without problems
  4. cant get into god's reach have tried multiple chars but can log into EK's just fine. Been trying since they brought test back up this am
  5. definitely no question! I'm pretty confident about them planning for the future in this way considering how they planned for VR. voxels and 4k i'd be pretty damn happy!
  6. I'm guildless and this post summed up most of the reasons why.ridiculously on point synast,i tip my hat to you sir!
  7. My logic is stay positive and see what adjustments are made over time.they can't keep us all happy after all. pick up the things that mattered to me most one at a time when the shop goes live at my convenience worst case.
  8. Seeing this makes me feel a little better,it was a big reason i wanted amber on kickstarter to begin with.For certain reasons i couldn't do kickstarter and i have no one to blame but myself for not seeing this thread when it hit the forums.truth be told disappointment is an understatement after seeing the changes to the bundles.But good job on the respect given to the kickstarter backers and being open to making further changes in the future. For me the bundles just aren't worth it at this point,if i do have a change of heart seems making specific purchases separately is the way to go for me.
  9. just checked that page due to personal reasons couldn't back on kickstarter,so was gonna pledge on website.didn't expect them to nerf the rewards as hard as they did along with the prices being higher already.i understand they need to honor certain things and make kickstarter backers special,highly amused how they weren't very clear how much they were gonna change things. o well,guess they don't want my money that bad..
  10. gotta agree,if you're not open to PvP of any kind then you took a wrong turn.
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