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  1. definitely no question! I'm pretty confident about them planning for the future in this way considering how they planned for VR. voxels and 4k i'd be pretty damn happy!
  2. I'm guildless and this post summed up most of the reasons why.ridiculously on point synast,i tip my hat to you sir!
  3. My logic is stay positive and see what adjustments are made over time.they can't keep us all happy after all. pick up the things that mattered to me most one at a time when the shop goes live at my convenience worst case.
  4. Seeing this makes me feel a little better,it was a big reason i wanted amber on kickstarter to begin with.For certain reasons i couldn't do kickstarter and i have no one to blame but myself for not seeing this thread when it hit the forums.truth be told disappointment is an understatement after seeing the changes to the bundles.But good job on the respect given to the kickstarter backers and being open to making further changes in the future. For me the bundles just aren't worth it at this point,if i do have a change of heart seems making specific purchases separately is the way to go for me. may crowfall have lots of success and all the backers see the vision become reality!
  5. just checked that page due to personal reasons couldn't back on kickstarter,so was gonna pledge on website.didn't expect them to nerf the rewards as hard as they did along with the prices being higher already.i understand they need to honor certain things and make kickstarter backers special,highly amused how they weren't very clear how much they were gonna change things. o well,guess they don't want my money that bad..
  6. gotta agree,if you're not open to PvP of any kind then you took a wrong turn.
  7. if hello kitty online has raiding i quit!
  8. only thing that makes sense to me is what someone else said too many PvE only players coming into the game not embracing the pvp game and throwing money around and saying cater to us. which if you follow most mmo development in the past 10 years is a legit concern.
  9. yea....i'm stilling trying to figure out what suddenly changed that some are so upset about. *Shrugs*
  10. As someone who never really pvped heavily in other mmo's and always was a pve guy.i'm pretty much doing what bluddwolf says ADAPTING! i'm adapting due to my desire to see a different kind of mmo. when i heard about crowfall it was pretty clear to me sure you get an EK we all do but guess what you're EK ain't nothing without taking part in campaigns. if you even care about the EK to begin with. i wouldn't even think to suggest ever "hey this game needs more pve!" ummm no it's a pvp based game at it's heart. it does not. just because i've always been about PvE also doesn't mean i can't embrace PvP.learn to be good at it and contribute and do my part for which ever campaign i am in. my main motivation is i've been sick of theme park mmo's for so long.simply put I'll learn to love what crowfall is meant to be!
  11. I commend you on the intelligent response,but most of us who are against this are specifically against the RNG.I know personally winning all the time is boring and we have enough mmo's out now that just hand out anything and everything. most of us are here because we don't want that. RNG is no different then what goes on in pve endgame. So please dont assume just because we are against RNG we are totally against risk for reward. I do agree tho there are many who want everything handed to them these days. So let's keep the topic on RNG are you totally ok with RNG and why?
  12. This pretty much sums up most of my feelings on the subject.i'm not some hardcore PvPer,having said that I'm more than willing to embrace PvP to experience a virtual world that actually has substance. but as many others have said all that work and effort to contribute and in the end no control over the work you put in,lets just leave it up to the RNG gods!?!? Being totally honest here,i wouldn't even bother entering a campaign at all under those conditions. RNG has absolute nothing to do with player driven or controlled anything.The whole point of me taking the time and effort to do anything in life is because i want to control the end result,if i didn't care about any of that i would just have someone else do it for me.
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