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  1. The launcher seriously needs a "remember me" option. I'm sick of putting in my password and 2FA every time the game disconnects or crashes.
  2. That isn't a good solution. Guaranteeing that new players will be constantly destroyed because they don't have advanced mounts is a great way to make them quit the game early. Even in Albion, the noob T3 mount is slow but it's still faster than every on-foot player.
  3. This is dumb. Nobody should be faster than a mount.
  4. My main problem with the game is that you're pretty much required to run Gunician stealth builds as a small group or else you'll constantly get dunked 8v1 by the first group who sees you. For some bizzare reason, even if you're mounted you still can't get away from your pursuers who are on foot in combat mode, and yet they somehow always catch up. This seems like totally broken balance. Mount chases should be like in Albion Online: difficult and highly skill based, but rewarding. Right now it seems like the one running is always guaranteed to lose.
  5. @AngelikMayhem If you didn't know, the original creative director of Firefall, Mark Kern, is creating a spiritual successor to Firefall called Em-8er which is currently being crowdfunded on their website. I suggest you check it out if you loved what made Firefall great.
  6. Yeah, but can you create a guild in game to participate in dregs without paying the $5?
  7. Now that the dregs campaigns are in the game, do you still have to pay for guild creation? I'm a leader in a MMO community looking into possibly playing this game, and if the opportunity to participate is locked behind an additional paywall, that's extremely disappointing for us and will probably result in our community not playing until free guild creation is implemented.
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