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  1. whoops im blind, i completely passed over those threads while browsing the forums, thanks
  2. Hey, where do I post bugs that I encounter, and ways I've figured out how to work around them? I know about sending an email to support@crowfall.com to let them know, but what about other players? For example, I just got executed, flew back to my body as a crow and upon rezzing my inventory was "overflowing". The workaround to this was importing/exporting an item from the spirit bank, fixed my issue. Do we have a spot to post these tips to other players experiencing bugs?
  3. Besides the low rank materials in high density, is there any other purpose to this map? Also, is there any storage on the map, or do we have to rely on our spirit bank here?
  4. Hey gang, I got into this game hoping to jump right into crafting, focusing on alchemy. I want to heavily specialize my skill tree, not wasting any time on other skills. I don't like the idea of spreading my skills out to try and achieve a form of self sufficiency - I'd rather buckle down on something and buy the supplementary items from other players. I had a couple questions relating to the crafter's life. First, I shopped around for vendor prices and found the cost to be pretty steep; about 8.5k gold (vendor + stall). This is a pretty big down payment to start a business... anyone have any tips for making that much gold on a crafter toon? I hope there are more reliable methods than running the boar population into the ground. Second, how can a crafter get around the export limit when looking to sell things in your EK? I'd imagine some crafters getting shafted by this limit because they'll have to move either loads of raw materials, crafted components, or finished products, and will have to replenish their stocks multiple times in the same campaign. Third, is there currently a place where people go to advertise their wears, in game or out? Even a reddit page would be nice - much better than running through in game EK's and loading screens just to take a gander at an individual mystery vendor. Fourth, is selling / buying wares in your campaign chat a common occurrence? I don't think people would appreciate me spamming their faction chat with trade messages And lastly, how do crafters get participation points when it comes to the Embargo Vault? It would suck if you supplied your faction with all sorts of crafted goodies, only for it not to count as participation credit. If this results in a poor embargo vault return for crafters post-campaign, this could ruin profit margins, depending on how the numbers play out.
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