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  1. I'll give answering you a shot. The following are my opinions of course so others will most likely disagree. Don't worry much about your EK at first. Get into a campaign, do the punching trees and making basic tools thing. Then make your basic weapon. Then ask if your faction owns any forts in the faction chat tab. If it does , ask for map co-ordinates (along the west and south side of the map are easy to see numbers and letters). If the faction doesn't have a fort, ask if you can help anyone take one. Hopefully if it is near the busy time of the day you'll get some help. Otherwise, now that guards have been activated, an armour-less new player won't be killing guards alone. See further advice below if you can't take/get to a fort. Get to the fort if your faction has one, take it if they don't and you have help. Then go to the blacksmithing table, which is in the throne room of forts and look up intermediate armour and weapons. Write down what you'll need if you have to, some of the mats needed are from the leatherworking table across the room. Now you know what you'll need your game play can consist of finding the nodes (scout the map, you'll find them), harvesting and returning to the fort to craft them. Store stuff at your beach head if you need or the chest behind the throne at the fort. If the fort gets taken you don't lose the stored things, you just can't access them from there until the keep is neutral I think or your faction has the keep. There is a chest at the beach head with a blue triangle that lets you retrieve things from remote chests though. Play assassin or duelist so you can stealth if being in the world makes you too nervous at this stage and don't carry around things you aren't prepared to lose. Store stuff if you are a walking piñata. If it is absolutely impossible for you to get to a blacksmithing table at a fort, then think about making one at your EK so you can look up the recipes and get prepared for when your faction does take a fort in the campaign, or mess around spending import and export points if you want. TLDR: make your way to a blacksmith table and making your intermediate set will guide your gameplay for a while at least, even days if you play casually. Once you have done the intermediate you'll probably understand better any googling you do about unlocking advanced recipes etc.
  2. Fair enough. My first thought when I suggested it was just 'wouldn't it be funny if...'. My second thought too was that it would be a buttload of work just to die on stream anyway.
  3. That sucks that you got targeted because they could see your location from the stream. Maybe you could act as a lure for well geared peeps on your faction and they could gank the griefers? That would be lolworthy. Could backfire if your faction doesn't win though. But thats a whole lot of organisation outside of the streaming time, I guess any typed chat would give you away. Otherwise might have to wait until you are geared and grouped to stream. Hang in there, I hope it improves.
  4. This 100%. That 'Fundamentally boring' thread makes me shake my head. We are being given the tools to make our own fun. I spent hours a few days ago mapping out where all the non basic ore is in Wrath map and it was great. I ganked someone that was mining ore I wanted (sorry miner guy!), I saw some interesting terrain I'd never have seen otherwise (the quarry with the risen, surrounded by the tricky plateaus. such a nice spot ) and discovered the diversity of node levels in different concentrations around the map. It was one of the best sessions I've had gaming in a while. New stuff keeps coming, lets all just chill and enjoy it when it does. Maybe people could think of each update as a little expansion, try to pretend the game has already been released and just keeps getting better. I hope the community can enjoy the journey and stop worrying about destinations. You can see in the videos that get released the team put in so much hard work and are juggling a tonne of stuff constantly, lets let them enjoy the process of creating.
  5. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed and I've thought all along I could only train one separate tree at a time Maybe I tried double dipping with combat first, couldn't, so didn't even try with the others. I promise it feels plenty punitive the way I've been doing it, for those who feel better knowing my choices are potentially ruining my progression. I can't wait for 5.6 skill wipe (that is a thing right? I hope I didn't make it up in my head) because it took me 3 or 4 class, race and even gathering and crafting combinations to settle on what I want with a whole trail of 'wasted' points that don't add much and in some cases nothing at all to my current playstyle.
  6. Hi Flaankem, I play in Australia and ping is like you are expecting. I've turned all the settings down to the very minimum now and it is a noticeable improvement. You can definitely get a feel for the game with our ping but pvp combat is very sketchy. It makes melee close to impossible against other players, I was in a fight yesterday where I maybe got two hits in while I was stuck for seconds at a time facing directions my opponent had just left. This is the tweet that keeps me playing In the comments there is a hint that Oceanic server/s will be a thing at launch.
  7. Hi Lukumms, I'm a fellow Australian that just started too. I'm on at offpeak times, often early AM but if I see you around in game I'll say hi and try help sort things out. I've been playing Order faction though so that could complicate things too. My biggest problem is lag. I got killed by a hellcat yesterday that appeared briefly on my screen twice before I was dead Getting killed by players its the same deal. I hear people with a ping of <40 complain of lag and bugs though so its impossible for me to tell what is me and what is the system. I wouldn't be surprised if some of your issues related to combat were lag related too.
  8. I'm ok with that, I joined up knowing it wasn't an all the time kind of thing. I did some research and my pre alpha expectations have been totally realistic. Mostly I was surprised and happy that our region had received any attention so I wanted to support the game for future possibilities.
  9. Hi there, my name in games is usually Digby. Partly because it never seems to be taken, partly because it is pretty non-descript which means I don't get tired of it. I decided to join early access to help let ACE know there are definitely Australians hungry for Crowfall. Hopefully if we represent with our cash dollars we can get the server love we desperately crave. I'm painfully aware of the Catch 22 that comes from not investing in an Oceanic server because the players aren't playing a game because the lag is bad due to a lack of Oceanic server. There has been at least one Sydney based world during testing though, right, with hints of more to come? This gives me huge cause for hope so I figured it is best to stand up and be counted now so we can hopefully have it more often. Just quietly I'm super excited about the prospect of testing on a Sydney based server because my ping is over 300 on the NA ones. Even South East Asia would be ok in a pinch
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