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  1. Frostweaver: "Info: Frostarmor" tooltip says that this type of ice can NOT be converted into any other type of ice, but actually you can.
  2. not able to load my ek 🤔 edit: it worked after about 2h trying
  3. well thats a point, but i don't think that sickle-shield combo fits a ranged caster class ^^ i don't think we will get a necromancer class cause we already have it as a profession
  4. in my opinion, the sickle fits more as harvesting tool and as i read in the reaping skill tree there is also a runestone sickle planned. So why don't give the Stormcaller a much cooler weapon type? My suggestion would be a scythe, looks pretty awesome and also fits perfect to the death part of the class
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