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  1. This is a very hard topic. I've played with some great players. Hard to pick just three so I'll give multiples in the three categories. Best tactical leader (based on pvp groups) - Kiger (when I was in DA) Best all around bane commander: Skorp Best player to have on your side (poltics, alliances, pvp, banes): MaT Best Guild Leader: Sogath and MaT I know I know fourth category.
  2. Sup Kiger. Those were good times in DA bro. I was Khur in DA, VegasLB in LB, and Kosef in Dangaard Horde with TSB on Vengeance. Hopefully in 6 days i'm not writing this game off. Some of the stuff they have released isn't really my cup of tea, but I guess we'll see.
  3. AoC was really my second love after SB. I played it for about three years on Cimmeria and some other server. It could get somewhat political because of sieges (even though they worked almost never). The music in that game is pretty much what got me hooked from the start and the scenery. I started out as a cim barb, and when I entered the valley down to conarch's village with the music playing, I was pretty much hooked. I've always had a soft spot for AoC, and have tried to return many times (the graphics are still good by today's standard imo), but it's just so dead. Funcom ruined what could h
  4. I dunno, I guess if they would have just marketed this game as a new game brought on by the makers of the old games, and not tie SB or SWG into so much, it wouldn't be a huge let down for me. I'm still interested..not nearly as interested as I was say 10 days ago. With them having the play2crush.com and saying all the key words, not to mention having a SB sub-forum, and all the old faces, I just got caught up in the storm that maybe this would be as close to SB as we would get. Now I think it's not really going to be like it at all, except maybe for the character build customization. Hopefully
  5. I like the crowfall concepts dont get me wrong... but all i really want it Shadowbane 2 (original shadowbane with 2015 graphics that runs stable) Give me that, and I'd buy a lifetime sub in a heartbeat.
  6. Get the guy who did Age of Conan's soundtrack to come up with the score. Most epic game soundtrack ever..the original and even RotGS. example from original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a6YIru3ktNQ&list=PLB2139D8119F19CB1&index=5 example from RotGS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X-SiQPeh_4Q&index=2&list=PLC42AEEC802C4CC9A
  7. what if they go with Ubisoft again...lol kidding...
  8. lol...always drunk. It's how I put up with the psychopaths in SB.
  9. Lol..I was actually Vegas as well. One of my toons. Good to see you bro. I have not seen or heard from Sogath in some time. Kiger...not sure what happened to him or most of the DA crew.
  10. While fighting against a zerg can be utterly frustrating, it also has lead to some of my most memorable experiences. I know we keep harping on Shadowbane, but no where else have I seen the positives and negatives of a zerg nation. Take the early days of Treachery where Covenant of Swords basically ruled the server with an iron fist due to their ability to politically organize a vast group of players under one banner. They basically killed that server, but during that time there were battles that had various nations joining, even without superior communications to zerg them (we lost...lol) but
  11. I like the way AoC did healing. For some reason Bear Shammies and PoM's felt a whole lot more involved.
  12. Kosef here..been mmo gaming really since early release of Shadowbane (1 week of EQ doesn't count). Have been wondering the MMO market since then..not really being able settle in since. Looking forward to the excitement and terror that a game like Shadowbane (from what i'm reading it's a strong possibility) can produce. Also looking forward for devs to trust their gamers again and let us control the world in which we play. Enough of this spoon fed crap. To everyone who played on Treachery/Entropy/Vindication/Vengeance...hope to game with you all again.
  13. It's late and i'm drunk, but reading this board got my memories going. Anyone from the Treachery days that played with Dracul/TSB/KGB that CoS lovefest (oh how I hated Herog). Those were the good days when pvp actually meant something, the forums were a political backstabbing mess. Oh how I miss when games actually had meaning. I remember this was the first server/game where I realized that I could never really devote time to a game that didn't have those mechanics. Entropy was hella fun as was Vengeance. Dangaard Horde getting assaulted by EB alliance. Entropy with Death's Advocates/GoW/L
  14. kosef


    Well tell him to stop that nonsense..and come on over. We need him on Shadowbane 2....er Crowfall
  15. kosef


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