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  1. The entire game will be made through kickstarter or what? So what are they gonna add to the game, when most common features are made through kickstarter lol
  2. This is all horrible news, the good news tho, now i only need to look for news on DAOC.
  3. lobby/MOBA game even, hopefully they come to their senses along the development and understand, that, the way shadowbane had fixed class&race's is fail, and wasnt really what made shadowbane.
  4. U dont want small sepperate board games in a sandbox pvp, or wargames with guilds engineered by the game, u can set those up by ur self, and add real live events to the surroundings, or u could meet up like a polish soccer fanclub, and beat eachother senseless in some far off wood.
  5. So, what about all the small time bands, that just roams the realms to slay all the big guilds members, isnt that an asset too, alot of ppl havent joined guilds just yet, would be forced to join a mediocre guild, it aint "guildwars"
  6. Give us a vampire/skill/class/tree whatever, use that ability to gain more hunger resistance!
  7. Mounts with other benefits than simple travel could be cool, like Nightmares from UO or such, i alwayes missed that my mount could do more than run. Why travel on the back of a dragon, if it cant spew fire at ur enemies, or buff you, or anything, then keep it simple, and only provide us with Horses.
  8. Arena confirmed! Called Crowfall, and its big, and u will die horrible.
  9. Once a game goes F2P, you know even the developers feel like its crap.
  10. pvp 5 min? Planning on dying much sir?
  11. what would really suck would be multiple instances in 1 zone ( world ) you can see ur buddy on the map, but he is not really there, god that is an awfull system.
  12. East fix, create a Wizard class and a Sorcerer class, Wizard's spells are more Potent, and requires reagents, sorcerers can fizzle their magic, and does not nuke as hard, but sometimes more rapidly, and perhaps more periodical.
  13. Yes, bring back reagents, great feature, sure can turn the tide of a battle, if u could aslo STEAL from ur opponent, then kill him. And grab the rest, gg, loved those days, and i was mainly Mage
  14. But lets just close this Its getting out of control, and will only feed bad vipes, my intention was to give some info on the medial condylitis problems and tennis elbows, if u have such a problem, wich i know, alot of gamers have and get, only good will intended. But, i never back down from troll comments, then this go out of hand. But i ask the moderator to close this pile of sh!t, and lets move on with the game, wich in the end we are all here for.
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